Saturday, January 15, 2011

Warmcoloured Collage With Another Piece Of Tyvek

I had to try using Tyvek once again .
This is made using an old book cover, on which I  layered and added,
many different fabric types-papers, laces,AND a piece of Tyvek

This time I painted it black-and turned the other side front up-
I think it looks great, and almost feels a bit leathery.

The Tyvek I am using are envelopes, this material can not be torn, and is water resistent,so very good for sending special things-as they can`t be damaged.

The image is printet from my printer, and transfered to cloth.
Today I also sortet through all my old flea market books, and let lots of them go in the garbagecan---
Many left my workroom without their covers :)

Hope you also had / have  a wonderfull saturday, sweet friends.
I send you all many hugs.

I reached 250 followers, for what I`m deaply thankfull, and so happy.
So in a few dayes I will have a giveaway, --stay tuned sweeties-

Love, Dorthe


Anonymous said...

You are certainly having furn with that tyvek. Recycling magazines too. That face is adorable, pouting! xox Corrine

My Creative House said...

Beautiful Dorthe, love your color choice, the little girl is so sweet, er billedet overført fra laser kopi, det ser fint ud.
Knus Anni

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Just gorgeous, Dorthe! Love all the layering you did. Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend.

Nita Jo said...

What a beautiful piece of art! That image of the little girl is precious. The Tyvek adds an interesting look. I have envelopes that must be made of that... will be saving them now, in case I ever get going on a project.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh this is so beautiful Dorthe
hugs June xxx

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Dorthe - This is a beautiful composition with lots of gorgeous layers and so much fun to make! This tyvek is interesting stuff!
gives an interesting effect.
Love, Suzy

Unknown said...

gorgeous as always. an inspiration to me! Congratulations on 250! :)

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dorthe,
I see you are having lots of fun with your new medium. I love this book cover, it is so dreamy and magical looking. You create the most beautiful art.

Big hugs and I hope you are staying warm.


sjmcdowell said...


You have created another beautiful
art collage!!
The little girl image is soooo adorable....cute little face!!

Do you burn your tyvek or scrunch it up and distress it with inks??
Anyway you do it, it's pretty!!

thanks for popping over to visit my blog and for your lovely comments!!

Love and Hugs,


Robin said...

What a stunning collage Dorthe! That tyvek has such a unique look and adds so much texture to your piece. I love all the flowers, lace and buttons you have added to make that little girl look just adorable!


marie said...

Oooooh! I LOVE this piece. Such an adorable image and I like the bit of print peeking through. Your collage work is so beautiful Dorthe!

Createology said...

Your book cover collage is stunning. I agree your tyvek really does look leathery. Congratulations on 250 + followers. Happy Sunday to you...

Pearl said...

This is beautiful Dorthe I love the colors and this sweet picture. It looks very much like leather and I like to watch how the Tyvek shrinks when you put heat to it, but I have to do it outside as the fumes bother me. Great pieces you create I only wish I had this kind of talent. Hugs, Pearl

Mosaic Magpie said...

That is a beauty! Who would think an envelope could be burned and melted and look this good! I may start melting some stuff sround here!

creativelenna said...

dorthe, this is beautiful. I love your experimentation with tyvek and lace and fabric. It is wonderful!

Sandy said...


Just beautiful! I love all the depth and layers of this one, so pretty!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Dorthe!!! Please forgive me for being gone so long dear friend, I've missed you!! And this artwork is gorgeous, I just love it!!! I've heard of Tyvek but didn't realize you could use it in artwork, this is so neat ~ I hope you are doing wonderful Dorthe!!! hugs and love to you, Dawn

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

This is so gorgeous, my dear friend! I absolutely LOVE it!!! It has so many wonderful bits and pieces to look at and the tyvek makes again a great addition! The image of the little girl is very sweet.
Have a lovely Sunday, Sweetie :-)!
Lots of kys og knus,

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Oh Dorothe
this piece is stunning! every bit is a treasure! I love the soft vintage feel you created! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! :)

Anonymous said...

Dorthe, this is an especially sweet one! All those layers of interesting textures and in the very middle this precious, chubby-cheeked little angel of a girl! Adorable!
And I found the 8.5 x 11" Tyvek sheets on Ebay 10/$9.99 but it would probably cost you an arm and a leg to have it shipped to Denmark. It's ink jet printable! Which is cool!

Yitte said...

This is gorgeous. Love all the layers and the tyvek complets it.

Diane said...

Dorthe, this is so lovely, and the little girl--LOVE!!

sharon said...

This is so deeply and richly detailed Dorthe! Just gorgeous and magnificent! Love the colors too, looks old and worn, it's great!

Anonymous said...

congrats on all of your followers! that's fantastic news indeed.

your newest piece is gorgeous! i love the colors -- the warmth and the softness.

you are brave -- i can never throw away books as i'm always sure i'll use the pages someday. i have a pile almost as tall as me in the corner. ;)

Lisa said...

I love that you are always trying new techniques & products. Tyvek, hum I'll have to find some. I still have that piece of web like white paper you sent me ages ago. I get it out & stare at it. I must find more so I can play with some. I also am getting my erosion bundle together this week. You really inspire me Dorthe! Lisa
PS I've been thinking a lot of our talk. I'm planning some changes. I'll write more later.

Evie said...

You've created such a beautiful evocative piece - just want to step inside!!

Evie x

Sandy said...

OMG this is so darling.
Adorable piece. Ive missed my words Dorthe. I love them.

Have a wonderful new week my sweet friend. Hugs.

Joanne Huffman said...

A beautifully elegant and richly layered piece.

Threads of Inspiration said...

What beautiful work you do! I have never used Tyvek but it is calling to me! I noticed you live on the beautiful island of Bornholm. My husband and I were fortunate enough to spend some time there. We went to the art museum, toured a beautiful old church, discovered a Viking dolman, and enjoyed the harbor in Gudjhem. I have such fond memories of Bornholm and Denmark. I would love to return.

Lululiz said...

Wow, Dorthe, thats a lot of layering, so many beautiful elements. They sure make for a stunning collage.

Lululiz said...

Wow, Dorthe, thats a lot of layering, so many beautiful elements. They sure make for a stunning collage.

Faye said...

Dorthe, this is a gorgeous, really elegant, piece of art. Your experimenting with Tyvek® looks like so much fun. The envelopes are a wonderful way to play, since lots of packaging is of that material now.

My dh worked as the manager of the laboratory where Tyvek® was made here in Virginia USA. In spite of that I have never used it in any art. You encourage me to try.

Lovey said...

Dorthe this is absolutely beautiful. I love the color and tones. You are one of the best artists ever! Love to you...

Vicki Boster said...

Truly amazing Dorthe - this piece of artistry is such a diverse compliment of textures and design -it is really really a masterpiece - I love it!

I know absolutely nothing about mixed media artwork - but I just have to say - this is beautiful~~


Lynn said...

Ohhhh wow, this is incredible Dorthe, love everything about it. I have never used tyvek before, glad you got to try it out and had such fun :)

Esther said...


Viola said...

Wieder ganz zauberhaft, Du Liebe! Wünsche Dir einen wundervollen Tag! Kys, kys!!! :o)))