Sunday, January 2, 2011



She is a very,very dear friend of mine, whom I treasure so much,and a wonderfull artist.
Julia have made this so beautifull  cone, it is rather big-and inside was ,lovely gifts.

One of them ,this angel, isn`t she sweet.
Inside the little bag, she had hidden a little angel-wing cookie cutter (love it)

And I could not believe the dear sweet friend, giftet me with this fantastic
angel door knocker,that I know she found last summer.

The card is so beautifull, and the ATC too, have you notised that all my gifts from Julia, is relatet to an angel theme?-Sweet friend I so love them all- thankyou, from my heart dear, and- kys.

This summer I have been aquinted with Alexandra from Xelas Art blog-
a very sweet ,and  wonderfull artist, that also giftet me with the most wonderfull gifts.
Here is the beautifull card

And here the most fabolous lavender pillow, it is very beautifull, and with lots of handstitching

There was also a lacewrapped gift of fabric, and the so sweet soldered charm.
Alexandra, you are so dear, -I love everything-Thankyou so much,my friend, for this beautifull gifts,
you made me so very happy, that you thought of me.

I also want to show this gorgeus tags, prettily wrapped with the most lovely laces.
It is a gift from sweet Minnamarika  she is from Finland and her blog is called : Lumivalkoista.
Please go visit her, if you don`t know her, she makes beautifull things.
Thanks from my heart Minnamarika, you are so very sweet.

This is from my dear, and close friend Anni
 I could not believe my esyes as I opened the beautifull gift,and saw this fat, gorgeus book.
Opening it up, I found pages filled with laces -beautifull in most white-lovely little pockets hiding
wonderfull stuff,like this snowfloc stamps.

So beautifull images, all from the Marie Antoinette aera,that Anni know I love

tags, -and madame herself...

I have never hold such a wonderfull book in my hands,-- and then it belongs to me :)

The birds card, is from Anni,too

and so is this little missis.
Anni you really spoiled me, and I love every page in your awsome book.
Thankyou kære ven, it is a wonderfull work of art.

The last gift my, also very ,dear friend Viola send me, long before christmas, and we almost thought it was lost -but suddenly it arrived , and also this dear  Viola, have giftet me with things, I could only dream about.

Everything wrapped in old music sheets,sewn together with red thread-
And one in this so pretty bag-se the HoHo -binding 

The card ,very special, and with sweet detaiels

Inside the angel bag, was this fantastic box-here I opened it ,for you to see, some af the beautifull goodies inside-and in one of the paper bags, a most lovely Paris mini pillow.

And look at this beautifully wrapped-pins, with Violas so lovely
soldered charms

A box fantastic altered in greens,with old rusty pinns,and an old feather to hang it from.
Click, to see the wonderfull detaiels-Viola is one of my favorite artists, she makes fantastic art,as you can see here.
Sweet friend ,also to you, thankyou from my heart, I love every bit of your awsome work.

Oh my!! what a long post, I hope you enjoyed all the beauty, I surely does, everything is a token of friendship, and love- and I send all my thank`s back to you all, wrapped in love and hugs.
To everyone here in Europe I wish you a good night,and sleep well,-
and to all of you on the other side of the pond,-have a wonderfull day-and evening.



Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe- where to start? All of your gifts are so lovely- you can tell that they were made with love for a cherished friend. Perhaps the best gift of all is the special bond that exists between and all of your friends. I have said this before- you are loved.

Debrina said...

What astonishing gifts!!! The book that Anni made for you is simply divine! Testament to what a good and kind friend you yourself must be. Happy New Year, Dorthe!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you were definitely in the good column on Santa's list, no coal for you. what wonderful friends you have. xox Corrine

sjmcdowell said...

Dear Dorthe,

Looking at your wonderful gifts from wonderful friends, they all took my breath away...oh my oh my dear friend you are so loved by so many!!

Blessings of Friends Always,


Anneke said...

dear dorthe.
i wish you and your family a wonderful and happy 2011.
such a wonderful things you got, and you must be so happy to receive these treasures.
i love your work and hope we will have a swap this year again.
hugs from ann

Kathy said...

One word, fabulous.....
What a special post, lovely, lovely eye candy as well. Happy New Year.

Sandy said...

Hi my dear Dorthe,

Wow wow wow wow wow so wonderful gifts for you from your friends. You are so lucky girl.

I wish you a wonderful first week in the year 2011. Big Hugs.

Alexandra said...

Tolle Geschenke hast du bekommen meine Liebe. Viola macht wirklich zauberhafte Sachen :)
liebe Grüße Alexandra

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Dorthe,
I can see why Julia picked an angel theme because you're such an angel friend! Beautiful gifts all of them! Enjoy your treasures.

Viola said...

Da hast Du aber wunderschöne Sachen bekommen, liebe Dorthe! Auch in den Posts davor, alles super toll. Hast Du eigentlich noch Platz für alles, hihi!! ;o)) Ganz liebe Grüße, Viola

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi, dear sweet Dorthe, You've received lots of awesome gifts from Alexandra, Anni, Minnamarika and Viola! I'm glad you liked my package too. That one thing I had sent you is not an ATC, it's just a wrapped angel lace embelishment :-).
Have a wonderful evening!
Mange kys og knus :-),

elena nuez said...

there are a lot of treasure here!!
I love love love the faces of your dolls!

congratulations, you are an ARTISTA!!!

greetings from Spain and ...
Happy New Year!!!

Paula said...

Dear Dorthe, All of your gifts from your precious friends are gorgeous!!! What a wonderfully creative and talented group of ladies you all are!!! It is so wonderful to see these sweet and beautiful tokens of friendship!!!! What a blessing it is! Enjoy all of your gorgeous and heartfelt gifts!!! You have such a loving and grateful heart sweet friend! Big hugs and love to you! Paula

Sugar Lump Studios said...

the gifts are gorgeous! I could sit and look at them for hours...true treasures from the heart! :)

Carole said...

Oh Dorthe you surely have been blessed with some incredible gifts. So many handmade goodies that it warms my heart. I know how happy Rebecca was to receive those lovely dolls you made for her granddaughters each one with a different color. Their smiles told everyone how happy they were.

Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one that can't let Christmas go. I find it sad to part with it until I can replace it with Valentines Day decorations. Another LOVE holiday!!!!

Hugs to you my talented friend!