Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hi all dears,-- little late, but this word ,was a difficult challenge

I never even heard it before, and googled it---
-Maudlin- something about being over sentimental .

So I came up with this :being a little bit over sentimental, "living" in the past-
I don`t know if it was totally wrong connected to the word,--
But I like my inchie ,hihi.

I will be with my daughter for some dayes, looking after my grandchild, that -poor little one-
have got ear-pain-and high fever...I`m going allone, my husbond looking after the shop!--and will be home again saturday.


I wish you happy dayes, and wonderfull creating, all.
Love and hugs,--Dorthe


Diane said...

Wonderful wonderful inchie!! I hope all will be well for your grandchild soon.

Zue said...

Beautiful little creation!
Sue xx

Silke Powers said...

Oh, I love your inchie! What do you make them on? I hope your grandbaby will feel better soon, but I am sure that grandma's care will be just what the doctor ordered! Safe travels! Love, Silke

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, Dorthe. I skipped this week - much too busy and the word 'maudlin' threw me off - couldn't find a thing to make it work

I hope your little grandchild doesn't need much more than hugs and love!

Blessings, Diane

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Dorthe,
your inchie is just beautiful!!! Love it.Hope your grandchild will be better soon. Hafe a safe trip.
Big hugs,

Suztats said...

I like your inchie, Dorthe. Travel blessings as you go to help take care of the little one.

Anonymous said...

Ooh Dorthe, I hope your granddaughter will be well soon. Ear pain is the worst for the little ones. Your inchie fits the word so well and is just lovely. Take good care. xox Corrine

Kris said...

You captured it beautifully Dorthe!
Safe travels Grandmama.

QueenBe said...

Your inchie is wonderful.... I would say you captured the theme very well. Good luck with your grandchild, have a safe trip! Carol

Esther said...

poor little boy.. mine is sick too..too cold for play outdoor!
Beautiful little inch!!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Love the take on Sentimental. Great inchie. I hope the grandchildren feel better soon.
Having Omi around always helps!

Lovey said...

You inchie is beautiful! I love it. Prayers for the little one. Travel safe.

marie said...

What a sweet inchie!

Have a safe trip and I'll be praying for quick healing for your grandbaby!

Sandy said...

I love your inchie! Enjoy your time away with your dear ones!

Jensters said...

A wonderful Inchie....hope your grandchild is well soon....i remember my poor son when he was little perferated ear drum and infections he was under the hospital, so painful and then when he was 7 they just stopped!!!

creativelenna said...

Beautiful Inchie, Dorthe and beauty done in such a small space! I love the image & the words you used.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog & leaving me comments! Much appreciated. So lovely to see the banner for the 4 artists 4 ways class here -what lovely surprise!! xo lenna

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

She is totally stunning!!! These tiny little works are so much fun to share. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hallo Sweetie, Dein Inchie ist sehr hübsch geworden! Ich kannte das Wort maudlin bisher auch noch nicht.
Hoffentlich geht es Mathilde bald wieder besser! Gute Fahrt!
Ganz liebe Grüße og mange kys og knus,

Sandy said...

Wow your Inchie is so beautiful.
Wonderful design. Love the PW Girl.

Have a lovely day my dear friend.

stlbarb said...

What a beautiful tiny work of art!

Paula said...

Hello sweetheart Dorthe! I love your beautiful inchie! Your work is just amazing! You did a wonderful job! I am so sorry your little grandchild is so sick! I will be praying! Take care and 'see' you on Saturday! Lots of love and hugs to you sweetie! Paula

Deborah said...

This is a lovely and perfect interpretation! Hope your grandchild is well soon!

bikim said...

lovely blog!
take care,

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your inchie is perfect, Dorthe! Hope your grandchild is better soon!

Lisa said...

Your inchie is beautiful! I love her! Thought about you yesterday, there was a show on the happiest people in the world, think you guys were #2. It takes a happy person to create such amazing art you know! Did you put your erosion bundle out yet? I need to post about mine, it just didn't look very pretty. Actually it looks like I hung a bag of trash from a tree! Hope the kids don't pull it down & throw it out! Have a great weekend sweet friend.

Alisa Noble said...

Beautiful, Dorthe!

sjmcdowell said...

Dear Dorthe,

So happy that you were one of the "10" that won a Heart!!

Please Dorthe send me an E-mail
with your mailing address. ok?
My e-mail address is:

Praying for your Grandchild!!

Blessings to you and yours,


My Creative House said...

Hi sweetie beautiful sentimental inchie, så dejligt lige at snakke lidt med dig kære, håber at du er kommet godt hjem, vi tales ved i morgen.
Kærligt knus Anni

Jillayne said...

Oh Dorthe, I hope your grandchild gets better soon. You are lucky to be able to go and help where you are needed and I think you will be of great comfort. Take care and have a safe trip.
By the way, your Victoria magazines are on their way!

Alexandra said...

Ohhh die arme Kleine, ich hoffe es geht ihr bald wieder besser. Das Wort kenn ich auch nicht und habe es auch noch nie gehört aber dein Inchie ist zauberhaft geworden.
Hugs Alexandra

Gaby Bee said...

Your inchie is enchanting!
Hope your grandchild is well soon!

Viola said...

Dein inchie ist ganz zauberhaft!!