Thursday, October 10, 2019


Tonight my daughter and grandchild arrives with the ferry
to visit and stay for some days, so I know I will not
be here , looking for news from you . 

So thought I would tell you and show this collage ,
together with some white beauties from the garden.

Yes a few are still blooming ,

but most of them starts looking a bit miserable ,
so I wanted to have some lovely memories over
winter , until next spring and summer.

Wishing you all, a wonderful weekend, 
and sending you big hugs 
and love.


Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

That's a wonderful way to keep hold of their beauty Dorthe, isn't it amazing how plants still wish to bloom and show off so proudly. Some of my Lavendar and Ceanothus has flowered randomly again, they refuse to go to bed.
Your collage is so stunning, so much loveliness to taken in. You always chose beautiful elements to layer up, your lady takes centre stage surrounded by it.
Wishing you a wonderful time with family, I know you will..
Sending Hugs this weekend Tracey xx

justanitzybitcrazy said...

Your flowers are lovely, as well as, your creative talent. Enjoy your visit with family. Hugs, Helen

Sue Kosec said...

Your work, your composition and your flowers? STUNNING.

Have a wonderful visit with your loves.

Sue said...

Your flowers are still looking beautiful Dorthe. Have a wonderful time with your daughter and grandchild - enjoy every minute xx

butterfly said...

That's such a beautiful collage, Dorthe - I'm so glad I clicked on the photo for a larger view. The touches of blue give it such a perfect romantic vintage look (I expect most people these days would find it hard to believe that for the Victorians, blue was always the colour for girls, being soft and delicate, while boys were matched with red and pink which were considered martial, soldier-like colours... pink hasn't always been for girls!). The laces and flowers make a wonderful frame for that lovely vintage photo, and the stony beads you added give it great texture too.

Stunning photos from your garden - these will keep you happy over the gloomy winter time.
Alison x

paperwishesbyamanda said...

So much detal in this it is very romantic and Victorian looking. Have a lovely time with your visitors. xox

Jackie PNeal said...

Enjoy your visits dear Dorthe!
A gorgeous collage and such beautiful flowers to look bac upon!
Sending love,Jackie

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

So lovely to share all your beautiful white flowers and will be nice to remember these over the winter period.
I love the romantic collage, so sweet.
Enjoy the time with your family.
Sending hugs