Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Yes, the wonderful time of dear Wendy`s  beautiful neutral party , again.

This time I show a few photos, of a snippet roll I created for my very dear friend Suzy,
for her birthday gift.

I used this wonderful images , transferred to fabric, and layered
with old beautiful laces, and buttons.

I also transferred the sweet calender pages, with lovely
quotes of friendship. It is rolled together over an old pin used
to make lace with.

Everything in neutral tones, and with a key, rose, and 
heart on the outside , tied with seam binding !!
Sorry the photos are not real good !!

Old trees mirroring in the lake ,on a misty day , you can`t see it,
but it was covered with ice, in some areas !!!

I`m happily adding this the Wendy`s 

Hoping you will visit all the wonderful bloggers participating over there !!

First days of spring, haven`t been very spring like here, but cold
and rainy ....I hope for a sunny weekend for both you and me .

Hugs and love


Roosterhead Designs said...

Oh my dear friend this is amazing! your work is amazing! I love everything about this snippet roll. Starting with that beautiful wooden pin. Dorthe, this is a treasure~ with all your beautiful laces
and embellishments! I love the images and calendar; I still have not tried that type of printing - but you always INSPIRE me friend! Thank you for sharing and I hope to get caught up soon. Hugs, Karen O

June said...

Hello my dear Dorthe,
It was wonderful to see the beautiful roll you did for Suzy...I know she must have loved it! I always love to see the beautiful elements you combine in your artwork. As I have said many time inspire me so much!
Have a beautiful day my dearest!
sending love...

ornate splendor said...

What a beautiful snippet roll you've created! Your friend, Suzy, must enjoy it very much. Just lovely!

Jytte said...

Åh, altså ... hvor er det smukt arbejde!

Hvorfor har jeg dog ikke fundet din blog noget før? Dine kreationer er virkelig smukke.

En ren fryd for øjet og en kæmpe inspirationskilde <3

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

Hi Dorthe. What a lovely piece you have created for such a dear friend. She will love it I am sure. I especially love the use of the pin! These snipped rolls are so much fun to make. I have only created one to date, but really enjoyed working on it. I hope that you are having a great week! Hugs, Sue

Plush Possum Studio said...

Is it net lace, or is it filet crochet? Whatever the case, it's simply smashing! I love to work in neutrals sometimes, too, especially in home design.

Createology said...

Every single time I see a snippet roll I am falling in love and promise myself I will make one. Yours is blissful and Suzy will love it. Thank you Dorthe Dear for inspiring me every single day. Embracing Creative Bliss...

Dortesjs said...

ja super fint om altid, du er en god inspiration Dorthe, når jeg kommer i blonde hjørnet ;O))

Anonymous said...

So pretty Dorthe. What is it about snippet rolls that are so charming. xox

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Dorthe, your creation is amazing for Suzy. I know she will love it and be very blessed. Always love your neutral post. Hope you enjoy some nice warm weather soon.
Blessings my friend for a nice weekend ahead. xo

Vicki Boster said...

I know I've said this before-- but I must say it again... You have such an amazing way with textures. You have created another beautiful masterpiece. Suzy will surely treasure this gift. No one appreciates lace creations more than Suzy. You both set the bar for gorgeousness with your amazing talents:)

butterfly said...

What a gorgeous roll of vintage beauty - a magical gift for Suzy - and perfect for the Neutrals. I love the images, and gorgeous lacy snippets - wonderful. And a lovely icy photo too.
Alison x

~*~Patty S said...

Dear Dorthe ~♥~ as I scrolled down to read my comment I was surprised to see there was no comment from me! Oh My I could have sworn that I wrote a note here.
What a precious creation your friendship snippet roll is!
So beautiful with the lovely ladies and gorgeous laces that I know Suzy must appreciate so very much. Such a treasure of a gift you made.
The lovely lake photo makes me think of the book MISTS OF AVALON = enchanted with the trees and mist and bits of ice.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

The snippet roll is fabulous, dear Dorthe. I'm sure Suzy was over the moon when she received this gorgeous gift.
I hope you'll get some warmer temperatures and some sunshine soon. It's been raining here a lot lately and we have both been down with a very nasty and long lasting cold.
Have a great weekend! :)

AppleApricot Wen said...

Hello dear friend, I'm always in awe of your fabric work and LOVE your snippet rolls! You so make me wanna make one too :) But I have no time at the moment. Your roll is gorgeous sweetie, the beautiful images and laces and embellishments go so well together. And it's so romantic too. Beautiful! The view on the icy lake is stunning! Great photo! I really do hope there will be a buyer of your house very soon sweetie, I will pray for you. Sending you big hugs and sunny smiles, xxx

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Oh Dorthe, this is so beautiful and delicate! I love your roll! I also love your misty pretty. I OWE you an email...thanks for chatting with me. I hope you enjoyed the version of soup that you found on the internet!


Anonymous said...

Hallo Dorthe!
We habe the same kind of seeing the things!
Herzlich Pippa

Paper Profusion said...

So very beautiful Dorthe, I'm sure your friend loves it. Nicola x

Ruth said...

Beautiful, delightful combination of textiles all rolled up into a wonderful gift. Love how you combine your elements together. Wonderful work dear Dorthe! Ruth xx