Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I`m adding this to Wendy`s Simply Neutrals # 15

As you maybe remember this little girl was also on the front page 
I created long before Christmas, and we will follow her 
through some of her BIG days in life .
Her she is with her mother !!

Of course I am not lucky enough, to have photos from the same family through
a lifetime, so I gathered between my loved old cabinet cards ,persons
looking just a bit alike, to make this story, LOL.

Also used lots of old and newer lace for this page , where 
history almost disappear in the  mist,of years gone by !!

I also used a wonderful wallpaper behind them, thinking
it could have looked like that, in the sitting room of her parents home.

Today we have had a lot of snow here, but only a few days ago
the sky looked so very beautiful a late afternoon, with drifting
clouds in rose and blue/grey , with the tree making wonderful
silhouettes ,in the front !!


I hope you are all safe and warm, and send you 
wishes for a happy week.

Hugs and love from Dorthe 


Terri said...

Beautiful Dorthe! I love that image of the mother and daughter. The front page is so soft and lovely. The flower is delicate and a beautiful touch! All your layers of lace and fabric, and the fab wallpaper looks wonderful together! This will be a beautiful book!
I am glad you are having so much creative fun. I hope the snow is not too much and you will see the sun again very soon.

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful work as always, I love what you make. There is no post for Simply Neutrals yet. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

Tanya said...

Oh, Dorthe - I ADORE this idea with that beautiful little girl! I know you will pull it off with panache, my friend. I love your landscape photos - such a beautiful place you live! Wishing you a little warmer weather in the days to come, but snow and cold make for many enjoyable crafting hours, too. Love to you - XOXO

junemac2 said...

So utterly beautiful. I love the delicate details and the beautiful mother and child. so pretty, you are the Queen of nuetrals my friend.x

Marilou said...

I love this and would like to eventually take Suzy's class, it seems like you just can't take too many fabric book classes:)
Hugs Dorthe

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

Dear Dorthe, your book has gotten off to such a beautiful start. That you used wallpaper to match the era of the photo is so special. I can't wait to see the rest of the book and the story as it unfolds. Stay warm! Hugs, Sue

Astrid Maclean said...

Oh Dorthe, like always you have worked your magic with those beautiful laces and fabrics! You are so clever the way you always manage to combine these with photos and paper elements! The girl is truly lovely and now I can't wait to see how her story will develop!

Roosterhead Designs said...

Dear Dorthe, Such a beautiful work you have created! I really like your 'eye' for laying out the laces and keeping the photo as the focal point!
Each 'snippet' of your mix of lace and textures is gorgeous; so truly vintage~
I like the wall paper too! you are right; it does add some authenticity.
Thank you for sharing, and for the lovely photo of your trees and sky. So pretty!
hugs to you dear friend, Karen O

butterfly said...

What a beautiful page telling the further story of the family... Even if they do change appearance occasionally, we'll enjoy following them through the years. Again you've worked magic with the laces and fabrics. And my word, what a lovely photo of the tree silhouettes.
Alison xx

~*~Patty S said...

Your lady and child cabinet card is a treasure and you used it so beautifully here dear Dorthe ♥
How wonderful to plan a story with other cabinet card images...clever you! (I have a nice collection of cabinet cards...you are inspiring me to USE some!)
The wallpaper is a perfect backdrop and all of the lovely lace touches are just perfect too.
We may be getting our first snowfall of the winter and if they are correct it may be a BIG one. But we will see what really happens.
Stay warm and cozy my sweet friend.
I look forward to your story telling with Suzy's special class.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Simply gorgeous, my dear Dorthe. Love all the layering and the use of the wallpaper. Can't wait to see the finished book.
Stay warm and have a lovely day.
Sending hugs and love,

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hello Dear Friend,
Your first page of your journal is delightful, but how can it be any less when you and Suzy collaborate. I love how you will create a family "history" with these unrelated pictures, what a lovely idea. I hope you are keeping warm and well this winter. It has finally gotten cold here and we have seen a little snow, there is a chance of a lot of snow coming our way this weekend. This may be the perfect excuse to spend some creative time.
I thought it was time to pop in to let you know that I am thinking of you Dorthe.
Hugs and JOY,

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dorthe, you are such a talent and this is beautiful. I love the soft details. Love that you used the little girl and mother photo. So nice to continue the story in more creations to follow.
Everything you create is a treasure!
Stay warm and safe inside. Enjoy creating. Blessings xo

Bente said...

Dine kreasjoner er en sann fryd for øyet. Nydelig Dorthe.
Klem fra meg

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Your page is very beautiful, dearest Dorthe. I love that you have planned a whole story for that little girl. I wish you fun developing the next steps of her life.
We don't have snow but we can see some mountains with white tops.
Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!
Mange kys og knus,

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

I love the sweet journal page, with the beautiful Mother and daughter and you must be thrilled to how it has turned out.
Also how pretty the sky is and the silhouette of the trees.
Thank you for the kind visit and for taking a look at my daughters video and the kind note you left for her.
Happy weekend

Createology said...

My how beautiful hat sky is! Looks like a dreamland of magic. Lovely lace pages and images. How sweet to make a story of this little girl and her mother. Your creations are pure bliss dear.

Lace Age Girl said...

Hello Dorthe,
What a beautiful mother and daughter! Your book is off to an amazing start - the wallpaper is perfect and your laces look perfect with it. I like your sense of their story coming through. The silhouetted trees are very effective against your beautiful sky.

Have a great week.

Rhonda said...

How gorgeous, all the love you put into your journal will tell an amazing story.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello sweet Dorthe
I love your first page of Suzy's Class.
The cabinet card image is adorable - I'm using a similar image on my cover - a photo of my mother as a baby on her mothers knee with one of her sisters!

Your laces are exquisite - you have a very special style all your own which I just love.
I've been slow to start because of working I have a busy life. It's summer here so we spend a lot of time in the weekends outdoors!
We can't let the sunshine be wasted!

Sending you love and warmth from our sunny New Zealand shores.
Shane x

Anonymous said...

The sweetest of image and we can feel the love between the mother and daughter. I love the idea of the wallpaper representing wallpaper they might have had in their home and the beautiful stamp (?) with morning mist, it is exquisite and also the soft neutrals are full of nostalgia and so warming.
Beautiful, beautiful art.

AppleApricot Wen said...

Oh my goodness sweetie, that is such a gorgeous page you made!! Can't wait to see the next pages! Such a sweet story you are creating with this beautiful old photo. Wishing you a beautiful weekend and sending you big hugs, xx