Saturday, May 28, 2011


 I have met the sweetes friend-Paula, in the community of blogs- and we have become close friends.
She is the most dear woman, and the sweetest soul.
Last week- I recieved a gorgeus packet from her -just looks at this so darling doll, that Paula made for me.

She is so cute. I`m alwayes so happy when recieving a doll from someone, because it is not often,I guess because I sew dolls myself.So this little dear was welcomed with open arms.

But dear Paula, also made me other beautiful things-look at all those packages.
See the lovely strawberry, it is the sweetest ever, and the photo does not do it justice.
I will show you in another post, and the cute pink flowers.

This is the sweetest tag, I love the egg spring theam

A wonderful hanging  "bag" to hide beautiful stuff inside-see the fantastic old lace,and beautiful rosy fabric.

And a most sweet banner made from old doilies , such a sweet idea.

And look at this lovely bird- a mamma bird to a smaller one, Paula giftet me with ,in winter.
My sweet doll also had her own pair of wings ,so cute-and se the beautiful old lace,from a dress top-

I was so lucky,that I last year had bought this sweet little bed from my friend Solvejg, and mini Paula, fits beautifully inside ,don`t you think? Now she can rest there -she also have her own chair- as you will see later:)
I so love everything dearest Paula, thankyou from my heart, sweet friend, for all those heart and handmade beautiful art pieces, you gave me, and thankyou mostly for your beautiful friendship.

And the last photo to show you my first Make-Do
I have joined . Roses on my Table, and the wonderful artist Christina `s workshops.
And this is my Make-Do-it have to go to my real shop to be sold, but for now I enjoy it a bit here :)

We have a lovely but a bit cold saturday here. I hope it will warm up a bit .
Thankyou to all my new followers, you alwayes bring smiles to my face-
and I wish everyone- a lovely week-end- wherever you are, all.
Love and hugs,Dorthe


Alexandra said...

Dein Püppchen und Päckchen von Paula ist wirklich zauberhaft meine Liebe.
Aber jetzt muss ich erst mal noch schauen was du schönes gemacht hast in den letzten Wochen.
liebe Grüße Alexandra

Yitte said...

Oh Dorthe,
This are such sweet gifts. Love the doll but also those cute birds.

Your Make Do heart is lovely as i already let you know.

Diane said...

Wonderful gifts Dorthe, but no surprise--you're a very giving and caring lady and what we give will always come back to us--Paula is a very gifted artist!

A.G. said...

How nice! Such pretty things.

Lynne Moncrieff said...

It is also cold in my part of the world - Brrrr!
Oh what sweeties - the talent to make such a doll but it is the little birdie that I went "aaahhhhhh!" on seeing them. Perfection.
Your heart is stunning and so glad you shared with us.
A beautiful post.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

I love the sweet doll and treasures you received and how happy you must have been. there are so many talented people out there.
Sending hugs and hope that you have a wonderful weekend


creativelenna said...

What beautiful gifts from your friend! I think she knows your tastes well. : ) Also a lovely heart made by you! I hope you are having fun in your shop. How lovely to be able to add things to it yourself. xo lenna

Unknown said...

...hello dear Dorthe!!
lots o' magic goin' on over here in your world!!
ADORE sweet dolly and the lace doily bunting :)
I'm sure she will love living with you in your land of laces!!
xo, Rosemary

Claudia said...

What a beautiful doll your friend has sent you, Dorthe! She has the sweetest face. You're right, since you're a dollmaker, it must be so wonderful to receive a doll someone else made.

I love your Make-Do. Have a wonderful weekend.


Hopemore Studio said...

Dorthe, what a beautiful doll, and all the extras are delightful. The little bed is perfect, looks like they were made for each other.

Your make-do is very pretty too, I love how you are always taking classes...I must make an effort too!

Suztats said...

What wonderful gifts Paula has sent you, Dorthe! I do love the momma and baby birds, but the dolly is beautiful! It reminds me of the dollies I made for my children and nephew to match the night shirts I sewed them. Your dolly is dainty, and so well dressed! How perfect that she fits into the bed!
I hope your Sunday is sunny and warm. Hugs

Tanya said...

Mini Paula is delightful...what a lucky find you have made, in the friend department! And your Make-Do is beautiful - have a wonderful weekend, Dorthe!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Receiving such a package is definitely a wonderful surprise, dear Dorthe! Everything is beautiful and it's really perfect how little Paula fits into her bed. Very cute! Enjoy all the fantastic gifts, sweetie!
Have a lovely evening and Sunday!
Mange kærlige hilsener, mange kys og knus og sov godt :-)

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Dorthe- I love her!! Your new doll is precious. Your new friend is a very talented artist- I love the bird tag and the beautiful strawberry too,

Our days turn from cold toward and back again- like you I am anxiously waiting for all warm!

Have a wonderful weekend Dorthe-

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dorthe!
The little doll she made for you is so precious. I love her little face and her blanket and bed. I have a feeling you are going to becoming very good friends with her too.


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh--this is purely gorgeous!!! What a wonderful and precious friend, Dorthe--WOW!!!
I hope you're having a great weekend!

Paula said...

Dearest, sweetest Dorthe,

You are such an angel! I am so very happy you like your doll! I love that you named her mini Paula! That is so sweet of you and such a loving gesture my dear friend! She looks very happy in her adorable bed! I love it sweetie!!!! I am so very glad you liked the things I made you dear one. It was a joy for me to send you a little something across all the miles to let you know how much I love you! You are the dearest woman and sweetest soul!!! I am so thankful to have you for my friend! Thank you for your beautiful friendship and for being so loving and kind to me! You are a treasure!

I love the gorgeous make-do you made! I would not have known it was your first one sweetie! You are such a talented and gifted artist! I love the white and the roses and all of the sweet touches!

Thank you for sharing my gifts dear one and for sharing your precious friendship with me!

I love you dearly! I hope it warms up there soon. I do wish you were here sitting on the front porch with me in the sunshine! Hugs and kisses~ Paula

she dreams big! said...

You have the best and most creative and generous friends Dorthe! Lucky you!

Wishing you sunshine and warmth!


Createology said...

Your treasures are so very sweet. I just love dolls of all shapes and sizes and styles. All of the laces are so pretty. Lovely gifts my dear. Her little bed is just adorable. Happy weekend...

Rhonda said...

Dorthe, it was so fun scrolling down to see your gifts. What a wonderful friend you've made.

xo Rhonda

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Dorthe,
beautiful gifts you received from Paula and you so deserve them!!
Oh, the heart you made is just beautiful.
Wishing you a wonderful Sunday with lots os sunshine.
Sending hugs,

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Sending you warmth from my world to you dear ~ if all else fails to warm you a kitty will do nicely. What an amazing gift ~ goodness attracts goodness and I am so glad you were blessed by your friend. The little "make do" is wonderful too! Sending you blessings ~ Always, Katie

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello dear Dorthe..Yes kindness truely attracts kindness and goodness. That is such a beautiful package from Paula - everything is so beautifully made and she has a unique style with her dolls as you do with yours.
Enjoy the gifts and the friendship.
Hoping this arrives to you and that your weekend has been fulfilling.
Much love and big hugs,

Rebecca said...

Hello Sweetie
You get more wonderful packages than anyone I know! That is because you are loved so much!
The doll is so sweet!
I am working hard and trying to get my booth ready, it is hard to do coming so far.
I wish you a wonderful day

My Creative House said...

Hi dear you have received some amazing gifts, you have some sweet blog friends, your make do heart is so romantic and very beautifully made, have a nice day dear.
Hugs Anni

Anonymous said...

Hi Dorthe!!
What a lovely blog you have here. I saw you visit another blog ( Quill Cottage)and I got curious of your blog since I figured out that you came from Denmark.
I am a Swedish girl living at the eastcoast of Skåne, near Bornholm actually :)
I love mixed-media as well and I make jewellery and sell Troldekugler as a living.

Thanks a lot for a beautiful and inspiring blog!

Knus fra Susanne i Åhus Sverige

sharon said...

I don't know how I missed this post! Paula's gifts are so beautiful Dorthe, you are truly blessed! Love your make-do, it is so sweet, like you!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Dorthe,
I hope you're having a happy Sunday, my friend. And thank you so much for coming to visit!!!

marie said...

Dorthe, the make-do is so sweet and I love all your new treasures. Such happy mail to receive! I love the banner made from doilies, such a pretty idea.