Thursday, June 11, 2009

Witsches and my latest book buy

Approaching the 23/6 SCT. Hans as it`s called here , I made 2 witches.
On this very date we have kept (from the middleage) sending witches to :BLOGSBJERG
This terrible burning of clever wemen we are reminding, -and every year we
make a big fire and sends a doll witch away , to celebrate midsummer.
So here are my witches, I hope they will still be her after 23/6

They are app-. 1/2 m. high sitting on their broom

And this is my shop from where they and everyting
else are being sold.

A few dayes ago I ordered this wonderfull book"Creating with Fabric"
by Jill HaglundI read about it on KC Willis collage camp.
A gathering place to learn all the fantastic possibilities KC Willis
uses in her art work.

In this beautifull book there is among many others ,10 pages showing
her art, and how to do it.The auther Jill Haglund (making wonderfull books)
is also featuring her beautifull work of art, so as Lesley Riley and many more.

Hope you are all well ,and wishes you a happy evening all.


The Feathered Nest said...

She's such a beautiful witch Dorthe!!!! I love her precious face ~ and I just finished looking through that gorgeous book the other day at Joann's Etc. and considered buying you make me want it all over again!!!!! I have to get another art quilt ready to go to Stampington....I love the loose look of KC's work! hugs and love, Dawn

Viola said...

Deine Hexen sind wieder suuuuper, Dorthe! Fantastic artwork!! :o)
Das Buch habe ich auch, das ist wirklich toll! Liebe Grüße und ein schönes sonniges Wochenende!

Janny said...

Great! I just made another kind of Art Doll.I really like this;o)