Sunday, December 28, 2008


Im home again after a wonderfull
christmas with our two grandchildren,
Daughter and son in law. And what
awaited me to welcome me? The most
wonderfull packet from Nellie of:
Nellie im owerwhelmed by the artpiece
you send me, its so beautifull and ,the love
you put in it makes me so very happy.
Look here on this old leather glove ,with
the berries from Nellies home,the little nest
with two small eggs inside, and the two
metal-pieces,one heart and a hanger,
with the word :special. Sweet friend ,
thank you from my heart.

But thats not all, together with this art-piece
was a handmade card with the sweetest
angel, and a everlasting saying inside.
Look how wonderfull its done in lace and
cotton ,with love .You are truly a master

Have a beautifull sunday all, and i hope you
all had a happy christmas.

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