lørdag den 5. marts 2011


For the coming week- my dear Mathilde (granddaughter) will be here with us-all on her own...
So if you don`t hear much from me ,well you know why :)

But first I want to show you 2  wonderfull packets that arrived this week.
The first one arrived  wednesday, fully unexpected!
So ,when the post handled me the packet and I read-from:  Diane
I thought :WHAT  can that be ?

Look at the beautifull packet and tag- and opening the tissue paper , I could not believ the beauty in front of me!  Dearest Diane send this LOVELY heart ,to me, -to tell me, she had thought about me.
Have you seen such a lovely,lovely heart- the colors are so soft, and all so romantic.

See all the beauty her hands can do, isn`t it fantastic? see the little bee flying into the rose garten!
It is a lavender pincussion-but there will never be a pin inside I promise you!

And look at the wonderfull embroidery , everywhere there is a seam- I LOVE IT-
dear sweet Diane-thankyou my wonderfull friend- with love from me .

And then I recieved my first OWOH win- from Yvonne - Yitte   . I have alwayes admired everything Yvonne creates, I think we first met in a Ning-group ,and I have followed her since then!
I knew I had won a wonderfull book from her, but opening the packet up, I saw this ,sweet and beautifull little bag-- oh my... and the book was inside !
I love everything-- Paris-- and all this wonders from dear Yvonne is sooooo French !

See , yes my name inside, so sweetly made!

And here is the book

My colors are not real, it is much more dark- and more beautifull in the tones, than here- I`m sorry!

This is when opening up , I tell you it is a wonderfull feeling ,sitting with this in my hands, and opening up for all the gorgeus ,heavy layered and embroidered pages-so very beautifull!

Here a little pocket, with two sweet tags

and a loving message from dear Yvonne.

Last page, and the Paris adventure ends for this time- I love the wonderfull fabric`s this fantastic artist have used through out the book, just makes it real "Paris"

And see, what this sweet friend added- the most darling : Grandmother- collage!

Also , so beautifull, and full of different old laces, and wonderfull paperwork.

3 little birds brought me all this beauty, all this joy, all the way from The Netherlands.
Thankyou dear Yvonne, it is a fantastic win, ---I love it--- and I will treasure it forever, sweet friend.

Thankyou for today-- I have one more OWOH gift to show- but it have to wait a bit :)
I guess this is photoes enough for today.
Thank you to all dear friends, whom have been writing me those last weeks...you all know whom you are!!
It helped me a lot hearing from you.
I hope there will be moments to visit this coming week- but else I will return in 8 dayes, for wonderfull news on your blogs.

Much love- and a happy week-end all
from Dorthe


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Petite Michelle Louise sagde ...

all so beautiful. you are lucky indeed...new treasures AND time with your granddaughter. have fun! :)

Suztats sagde ...

What beautiful gifts for you to enjoy, Dorthe! How lovely!

JoAnne sagde ...

What beautiful gifts Dorthe! Enjoy the time with your granddaughter.

Robin sagde ...

Very beautiful gifts Dorthe! Enjoy your family time.


Linda sagde ...

Wonderful goodies, Dorthe! Hope you have a wonderful time with your granddaughter!

Diane sagde ...

Dear Dorthe, I think you must be a favorite of your mail delivery person! ;-) And you're a favorite of mine too! You are very welcome for the gift. Thank YOU for your friendship across the miles!
God bless and enjoy your time with your dear granddaughter!
Hugs and blessings,

sissie sagde ...

Hello Dorthe,
Oh my goodness, that little heart is so precious. What a wonderful and beautiful gift.
I also love your book. There is so much detail in her art and it's made especially for you. How sweet.

Enjoy time with your Granddaughter.


Createology sagde ...

Dorthe so wonderful to read your post. Your gifts are breathtaking treasures handmade from the hearts of very generous ladies. You deserve such beautiful treats. Enjoy your granddaughter and make lots of memories my dear.

peggy aplSEEDS sagde ...

these are such wonderful gifts! gorgeous!

Viola sagde ...

Da hast Du aber wieder tolle Sachen bekommen! So wunderschön, liebe Dorthe! Wünsche Dir ganz viel Spaß mit Mathilde! :-)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" sagde ...

Hi sweet Dorthe, These are awesome gifts! What a wonderful surprise you've received from Diane. The heart is so beautiful and I'm sure it smells heavenly. Congratulations on winning Yvonne's fantastic gift! What a wonderful book and collage. The tags are very pretty too. Enjoy all the beautiful treasures!
Viele, liebste Grüße, kys, kys, kys og mange knus :-)

Marie Lost Bird Studio sagde ...

Hi Dorthe,
beautiful gifts you received from Diane and Yitte! Enjoy your treasures and have fun with your granddaughter.

Rebecca sagde ...

Hi Sweetheart
I am so happy you linked up today and are showing us all your beautiful treasures! That little book is simply wonderful, such a lucky lady you are - so many lovely gifts for a lovely lady.
Blessings this Sunday

Lululiz sagde ...

Both Diane and Yvonne create the most beautiful things, and you are a very lucky ducky to be the recipient of such gorgeous treasures.

Deirdra Doan sagde ...

Yes I love Paris too..will be there for 24 hours and then 3 days in Tours in May!

I live on a hill and the Spring is 2 weeks late for me..and I have more snow..but less fog! I am above the fog so I get Sun and Snow...

Thanks for saying hi..
Next year I hope to come to Denmark again..my husband needs to find a place to play his music..
We are in Germany this summer for many gigs..

minnamarika sagde ...

Such a beautiful gifts from talented women!!!You are a lucky girl, sweet Dorthe!

Draffin Bears sagde ...

Dear Dorthe,

I love all the beautiful gifts from your friends. They are all made with such love and care and you must be so happy to get them.
Enjoy your special time and week, with dear Mathilde.


My Blessed Serendipity Life sagde ...

You are blessed to have received such beautiful gifts. These had to be made with love. Thank you for sharing.


Terri Morse sagde ...

The heart pincushion is exquisite! I know you'll treasure it. You are so lucky to have won such a beautiful fabric book. It is so lovely. Thank you for sharing these wonderful treasures! Hugs, Terri

Lenna Young Andrews sagde ...

have a wonderful time with your granddaughter and we will see you when you return!

Anneke sagde ...

wow, these gifts are so beautiful especialy the heart.
but the tag and everything is gorgeous.
have a nice time dorthe with your family

Sandy sagde ...

How lovely and so so beautiful are the goodies you are showing....I'm just swooning over the hearts that were made. I'd love to be in a heart swap if there is another. I would love to invite you to come visit and follow me. Your newest friend. Xoso Sandy O

Paula sagde ...

Hello sweet Dorthe,
I hope you are doing well sweet friend, and enjoying your dear Mathilde's visit! What beautiful gifts from your sweet friends! The heart Diane made you is gorgeous! I love the rose and all of the beautiful hand-stiching! I also love the beautiful gifts you won from Yvonne! The bag is so sweet and the book is gorgeous! All of the pages and extra touches are so very special! The tags are beautiful too! Wonderful gifts for a most wonderful sweetheart lady!!! Sending you lots of love dear friend! xo Paula

Deborah sagde ...

So many lovely gifts! They are all beautiful.

Abi sagde ...

Oh so beautiful! Lucky lucky you! Positively well deserved I am sure :O)
Hope you are having a good week thus far!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God sagde ...

What fabulous gifts to receive in the mail! You are blessed! Patsy from

Sherry sagde ...

I am visiting from Rebecca's Studio Sunday. The gifts you received are beautiful, I love the detail and the fine embroidery. What a wonderful packages to receive. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

Lorraine @ creativedaily sagde ...

Beautiful treasures Dorthe! Enjoy your visit with your grandaughter.

sjmcdowell sagde ...

Dear Dorthe,

I have been thinking of you and missing you this past week!! I am so happy you have this time with your granddaughter. I know how much this means to you to have her with you!!

What wonderful and dear gifts your friends have given you...you are dear to all of us!

Love and hugs,


The Feathered Nest sagde ...

So many gorgeous treasures sweet Dorthe!!!! I love them all!! I do hope you are having a wonderful visit with your precious granddaughter ~ The package you just received had a small piece of scrim inside :) the egg soap were wrapped in it!!! A gift from Lisa to me and I sent a piece of it on to you!! hugs and love sweet friend, Dawn

rosy3108 sagde ...


marie sagde ...

What wonderful treasures you recieved Dorthe! The book is beautiful ~ a feast for the eyes on every page!! Diane's embrodery is so amazing. Each stitch is perfection. I'm sure you will enojjoy your new gifts ~ both expected and unexpected!

vicki sagde ...

Dorthe - the heart that Diane made for you is absolutely exquisite - what a treasure. That was such a kind and thoughtful gift. Your OWOH gifts are also delightful - you were very lucky to win somany wonderful prizes - wasn't that a fabulous event?