Friday, July 26, 2019

Hello from a warm Friday

This card uses a page of my Eco-dyed leaf - added to a brown 
craft paper,  together with different papers,-

stamps , laces, and an image which I crumpled first to give it
wear and tear . 

I kind of like how it turned out .

Some of my roses are blooming again, for the second time, which is 
a beautiful gift , especially in this dry summer we have here where I live.

Today is another beautiful day, with blue sky and sun- not a cloud up there,
and around 27 Degrees C , so not too hot , but still very much enough for me  :-)

Sending you all wishes of a lovely weekend,

hugs and love


Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello and what a beautiful card you are sharing!!! This is truly gorgeous Dorthe~ Very vintage authentic; and with the white and black inks for text! So wonderful. I like the contrasts of the whites and darks too. Nice mix of layers and textures. Great eco-dyed leaf! This is just so pretty to look at and enjoy. And a second blooming of roses!? What a treat. It's a beauty friend. Enjoy! Love & hugs, karen o

Naomi said...

Dorthe, I'm always so excited when I see an email -rom you! I love the card in this post. I have yet to try my hand at making something similar but it's always on my mind! Just love the look the sepia tones and laces give your creations.

Hope you are well and enjoying li-e. (My keyboard has stopped typing the sixth letter in the alphabet! Thus, the dashes.)

froebelsternchen said...

A heavenly collage that simply speaks to my soul in whispers! Feminine and vintage and so unique - your style always amazes me Dorthe and I can imagine what a pleasure to get these roses two times in one summer! Gorgeous! Enjoy your time- I do it as well---this summer is unique and I enjoy it so much!

Have a great time and take good care of you my wonderful friend!
Big hugs, Susi

Sue Kosec said...

Such an absolutely beautiful card. It's a great way to *age* the image just by crumpling. Who knew!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

Sue said...

What a beautiful card Dorthe, I love how you've given it an aged look. It's been too hot here, even during the rain but hopefully it will cool down a bit now. Have a very happy week, Sue xx

butterfly said...

So happy to see some more of your eco-dying - the leaf makes a wonderful feature in the beautiful layered card. I love the serenity of the face in the portrait too - another way to escape the real world into meditation. It sounds as though your weather is pretty much perfect - glad you are avoiding the worst of the heatwave.
Alison x

butterfly said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment today. Funnily enough, I did have a bit in my text about the fibres being the sun's rays (and the moon's beams), but I took it out because I decided I was already talking too much... so you're completely right, and I'm so happy you see it too!
Alison x

Diana Taylor said...

Such beautiful work and I do love your eco-dyed leaves - the face is exquisite too. Such a lovely gently piece - I do love your work.
Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog earlier - I really appreciate your good wishes.
Hugs, Diana xx