Thursday, May 30, 2019


Hello dear friends , I thought I wanted to show you some of my 
Eco-dye results , and first a card ,where I used two leaves dyed onto
paper . Put together with laces, old book page, scraps and embossed papers.

This beautiful leaf is dyes onto a piece of cotton ,
I used vinegar, and rusty pieces in the boiling water ,
and also the rust was sitting maybe a week in the pot ,
before using it to dye, so there were a lot of rust dust !!

They comes up as little spots onto some of the pieces.

These leaves are also on cotton fabric .....

And these and the one below..... as you can see they comes out 
very differently, -surely because of the different leaves I have used
are giving different colors and strength of print !!

The two last pieces are both onto paper, and from the same bath 
as the ones above , I love this whitish leaf where the veins came
out a little yellow . If you click the photos, you can see more details.

I hope you are not bored , this new area is really giving
much excitement  and joy , even it can be difficult to keep
patient , and wait overnight , before opening the bunch up .

Here we celebrate Christ`s Ascension today, so
the world outside is quiet , --and I thought I better make 
a new blog posts. 

A lovely day to all of you ,-
Hugs and love



justanitzybitcrazy said...

Your eco dyed cloth has come out beautifully Dorthe. I am looking forward to giving this a try this summer when I have time. Enjoy your quiet day. Take care, Helen

Roosterhead Designs said...

Oh wow Dorthe! It is beautiful and organic; an authentic vintage style!
Your work is uniquely yours and truly gorgeous~ The layers of texture are amazing and completely draw my eyes in! I really love this one~ The sentiment is a fave for me too; '(love) does not boast' . . .
And the eco-dyed leaves are beautiful dear friend. [love the white one] You had wonderful results! Your patience paid off : ) lol Thank you for sharing this~
Loving hugs, karen o

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I am loving this post Dorthe, you have achieved so many fabulous results from your eco dyed leaves. Incredible detail and to think they are images of the real thing. What joy you must have felt when you first saw them, I can imagine the excitement unveiling them, I'd have to frame each one or use them on a project to be seen and adored.
I hope you too enjoyed the peace that accession day brings, I overjoyed to see these detailed beauties today.
Wishing you a wonderful and creative weekend Hugs Tracey xx

Dorothy Kovak said...

Beautiful results. That white leaf is stunning. I have tried eco-dying on paper only once, but I understand your excitement. Thanks for sharing.

froebelsternchen said...

OMG - this is out of this world beautiful dear Dorthe! What a fantastic project! I am totally in love with all the wonderful organic and natural elements and how you put this together in such a charming way! A Masterpiece of natural art! AMAZING!!! Mixed Media at it's best!

Happy weekend my friend! Sending sun and hugs in your direction!
Susi xxx

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

I love your dyeing results and the card is gorgeous, dear Dorthe!💕
Have a happy Sunday! 🌞
Hugs and love,

Astrid Maclean said...

It's been a long time since I last visited, but I enjoyed my visit today! I have caught little glimpses of your eco dyeing on Instagram, but it is wonderful to get more detail here. The results you have achieved look simply amazing!!! The final white leaf is out of this world. Fantastic work, and well worth the patience!!!Happy Sunday!

butterfly said...

Oh how magical, Dorthe... this is something I've wanted to try for a long time, but I really can't do it until I have more space! Your eco prints are just beautiful - I love the rust spots and imperfections and those delicate leaf structures so visible in the prints. I could never be bored with seeing such beautiful results, and can imagine the excitement of opening up each one to see what you have achieved this time.
Alison x

Sue said...

What a fabulous project Dorthe! Your ece-dying has produced some amazing results with these brilliant leaves. Have a very happy week, Sue xx

Lace Age Girl said...

Hello Dear Dorthe,
I can totally understand your excitement at unwrapping these beautiful eco-dyed leaves. I have been wanting to try this too, and I've collected some great bits of rust ready. such wonderful texture and tones you have achieved. So special!

I've been tied up with my partner in hospital, but he's going well and driving again. I am catching up on the blogging world once again.
Sending love,
Jesse XX

Dortesjs said...

super fine, super eco dyed

Annie said...

What a stunning card Dorthe and I love the eco-dyed cotton.
I have finally picked up a tray and rack to give this technique a try on paper.
I can only imagine how exciting the big reveal is as you just dont know what beauty you are going to find

TFS and best wishes
Annie x

Diana Taylor said...

Wow what fabulous prints you've made. I love your gorgeous collage and how you've made the leaves the highlight of the piece - it all blends so beautifully. Eco-dying is one of my favourite things to do - I totally understand your excitement and the impatience of having to wait before unwrapping it (although often I don't!). The white leaf is stunning and almost too beautiful to do anything with other than frame it.
Hugs, Diana xx

froebelsternchen said...

Happy weekend! Hope you enjoy summer dear friend of art! Big hugs, Susi

butterfly said...

Hope all is well, and that you are simply enjoying some summer relaxation... and hopefully not too much heatwave in Scandinavia!
Alison x