Thursday, March 7, 2019

Le petit - bits of this and that !!

Paper scraps , Paper Artsy stencil , bird image ,
from old book : Bird Guide 1923-  
laces, acrylic paints and crackle medium .

I love how the heavy crackle paste have crumpled
the paper together , and have become fond of
the hanging threads , like many others !!

The wonderful find of the old book  : 
Bird Guide , Land Birds East of the Rockies, have been with
me for many years , and I have not made myself tear out pages,
until now. I desided to use it, and enjoy it , instead of
letting it stay on my shelf, and maybe have it thrown out later!! 

I`m adding this to , sweet Wen`s Simply Neutrals , and hope you
feel to go there and see her beautiful post , just click the link ! 

Have a lovely rest of your week, 
 and thank you
for your kind and loving comments, they mean so much to me, and
I treasure each and everyone , and you all dear friends.

Hugs and love


froebelsternchen said...

This is such a gorgeous make Dorthe! I love how you played with the image! Simply stunnning and this all looks so organic - a fantastic idea to use the book images!
I just googöed this bird and now learnt that this species holds the record for most songs given in a single day among bird species, with more than 20,000 songs in one day.
What a talented birdie !An artist for sure. A wonderful choice for your hanger!

Happy weekend ahead dear Dorthe!
Big hugs,

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh so lovely dear Dorthe!
I have a penchant for birds too!
The crackling looks amazing and adds an interesting texture!
I’m amazed at your prolific output of interesting pieces… I hope to retire this year and then have time for creative pursuits!
Shane 😘

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh so lovely dear Dorthe!
I have a penchant for birds too!
The crackling looks amazing and adds an interesting texture!
I’m amazed at your prolific output of interesting pieces… I hope to retire this year and then have time for creative pursuits!
Shane 😘

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

How lovely to discover this hidden post today Dorthe it will set me on my way beautifully as I leave for a busy day. So glad to see you are carrying on with your blog posts. I can still find you within my blog readers search Thankfully. I understand too well how difficult it can be to cut or tear away pages of loved books but now look at it that they will be seen and shared so much more if we are brave enough.
I too love how the crackle has crumbled, reminding me of an aged tile or mosaic upon a plaster wall. Your hanging is one of beauty indeed to be shared and I adore it. Will you not be sharing this with Wen this month and her simply neutrals?
I hope you are keeping well and not worrying about those results? Maybe you have had good words now come your way?
Thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Big Hugs sent your way Tracey xx

Roosterhead Designs said...

Wow Dorthe, This is beautiful~ Yes, the crackle is amazing; adding great texture & vintage style to this wonderful collage. Your layers of textiles and papers mix is eye-catching! and I see some stitching and inking also~ I am glad to hear you used one of the book pages too! Why not? : ) (let's encourage each other to use what we have. You're smart!) Wishing you a wonderful week-end dear Dorthe. Hugs, karen o

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello Dorthe, I tried to post a comment, but it disappeared. *sigh* that hurts my brain! : ) I was saying how much I love the mix of textiles and papers. Truly vintage and beautiful. Yes, the crackle adds great texture and authenticity to this! I see stitching and inking also! Lovely collage; your work is beautiful~ Have a wonderful week-end dear friend. Hugs, karen o

Plush Possum Studio said...

Very beautiful, Dorthe! Wonderful textures. xo Rose

Astrid Maclean said...

Such a stunning textural and multilayered piece here Dorthe. I saw it on Instagram already, but wonderful to get some more details here on your blog! I love how you have used that gorgeous vintage look bird here, just beautiful against all those textures and that wonderful crackle! Stunning work, - I always adore your signature neutral tones, - so beautiful!!
Happy Sunday and have a wonderful week ahead!

Createology said...

Dorthe Dear this book is a must for you to create with. Nature themes are your signature and birds are perfect for you. This collage is Magic.

AppleApricot Wen said...

Dearest Dorthe, your collage is just gorgeous with that sweet bird and the amazing texture you created with the crackle paste! I love those loose threads too, they add such a playful touch. So happy to see you at SNT again! Sending you big hugs and lots of love, xx

Diana Taylor said...

Absolutely delightful dear Dorthe - I love everything about it - the pretty little bird, the lacy fabric just peeping out from under the edge, and the deep crackles on your glaze (mine never crackles as much as I want it to!). Just perfection.
Diana xx

Lace Age Girl said...

Dearest Dorthe,
Such a sweet re-use of a book. I have saved some for this purpose too, but feel guilty to tear them. As you pointed out, this is silly. It's a way of using, enjoying and saving them from the recycling bin later. There are so many unloved unread books around. I will try harder to use them. Of course, we can always copy them and print on our computers...

The paper on the original will suit our projects more though, and now you have started, you can use more images from your book - more joy and more art! Yay!

I have made many excuses for this month on my blog, but it's wonderful to see your gorgeous lace layered on crackle paint with all its playful creativity and beauty of the final piece. It calls me to get through my awful do-list to the good bits!

Sending love and a bug hug to you my friend.
Jesse XXXO

butterfly said...

Ooh, scrumptious crackle - and I simply love the swirly wire hanging. The bird image is absolutely charming and the rumpled papers make a great frame. One of my favourites of your creations for sure.
Alison x