Monday, September 26, 2016

A few photos from my new home .

A new week started, and even autumn is here, we still have a lovely
sunny and mild weather.

I`m getting closer to finish my interior decorations, and wnated
to show you a few corners, from my home.
This first photo is from the window in my workroom,
showing the most beautiful art card from my dear friend Suzy.
SORRY for the "greeting" from a bird on my window, LOL .
I have enjoyed unpacking art from my friends, from all
over the world, after moving.

This is the dining room corner, facing the street , so much light from
outside, so not very good, but you get an idea od my white corner .

Back in my workroom again, shelves and shelves filled with
materials and here and there, beauty from friends.
The beautiful hanging paper bag, was a gift from my dear Lynne ,
filled with goodies, and the little birdhouse on the shelf, too 

I wanted to show you my bulletin board ,also, but the photos I have are all
'so filled with too much light, so I`m trying again, another time.

I hope, you all have had a wonderful weekend, and wishes you
lots of lovely hours, in the new started week.

Hugs and love


Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

Hello Dorthe! I love your new studio with that shelving, and that light-filled dining room. I think it is a blessing that you have so much light. In our house it's finding enough light to take good photos that is a problem. I think that you will love that dining room when your winter arrives! I look forward to seeing more photos of your lovely home! Hugs, Sue

Sugar Lump Studios said...

What a lovely workroom and new place! I LOVE the windows and how the light comes in! I hope you are settling in. I know how much work it is packing and unpacking ( I get my own things later this week as they are in storage)! HUGS!!!

Bente said...

Hei Dorthe. For en herlig og lys spisekrok. Arbeidsrommet ditt ser helt fantastisk ut med alle dine saker. Ja flytting er mye jobb, det skal være sikkert.
Ha ei flott uke

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello Dorthe,
I am happy you were able to post some new home photo's on your blog!
And I was happy to catch a glimpse of your new work room also!
What a happy place it looks to be, and a great place to 'create' with all the beautiful inspiration around you~
Your home is beautiful and welcoming. Enjoy!
hugs to you, Karen O

Plush Possum Studio said...

What a lovely new place! I especially enjoy the corner full of windows.
Thank you again for your very kind encouragement and the pleasant cpompany you offer.
:) Rose

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Your dining area and your studio shelves look beautiful, dear Dorthe. It sounds like you're settling in well. That's wonderful, sweetie! :)
When you have problems with too much light in pictures, it can help to adjust the white balance (check for a WB button) and/or the exposure setting on your camera. A lot of point-and-shoot cameras have these possibilities.
Have a great week and enjoy your new home! :)
Mange kys og knus,

Karen B. said...

Dear Dorthe,
love all the window in your pretty dining room and your selves look just like mine .. full of treasures to work with.
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Createology said...

Dorthe Dear how wonderful to be in your new home and being able to make it comfy and cozy. I love your white corner to sit and enjoy the sunshine. I am swooning over your shelves and all the wonderful treasures you have to surround yourself with Creative Bliss and Love. Falling into Autumn Bliss...

~*~Patty S said...

Really lovely to see some of your beautiful new home dear Dorthe ♥
Extra special because of all your thoughtful and loving touches.
Your dining room looks gorgeous and so inviting.
How nice to have all of those shelves in your art room filled with treasures from near and far.
I can almost smell your lovely lavender too.
Smiling when I think of you in this new place already made so special by talented you!
Enjoy ♥ Enjoy oxoxo

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh Dorthe how exciting. thank you for sharing the lovely photos.I love lots of light and big windows. You've made a lot of progress on settling in. Your work space shelves are awesome. I just came up from my storage room, it's emptied out, vacuumed, and bigger pieces in place. Lots to sort thru, but our rains made me realize it is time. Have a lovely week

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dorthe, Your home is beautiful and I love your dining room in white and the bright light streaming in. Love your shelving for your studio. So much great storage. Looks like you are getting settled in nicely. The hanging lavender is so pretty. Blessings to you in your new home my friend. Have a wonderful new week. Hugs!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Your photos are so beautiful - too much light is never a problem sweetie! You are well blessed to have such an amazing studio in which to create. Everything will be so much easier for you now once you get it just how you want it.
Thank you sweet friend for displaying my card on your studio window. I feel special!
That is such a beautiful place to dine with a street view to the front and a garden view to the back.
I know you will be very very happy there sweet friend.
Loving hugs to you,
Suzy ♥♥♥

vintageandart said...

Dorthe lovely to see your new home...even the birds are stopping by to "welcome" you:-) Love the corner window with lots of light coming in and your studio....well wouldn't l love to have a wee rummage round in here...haha!! Dried Lavender how delicious.

Dortesjs said...

waue Dorthe sikken nogle skønne rum, super lækker spisekrog og din hobby afd ser bare dejlig og fin ud med en rigtig go reol. de der lavendel der hænger har jeg også lavet engang, fik desværre ikke nået at plukke dem iår.

Paper Profusion said...

Everything looks beautiful Dorthe and I am very jealous of your wonderful craft room!! Thanks for sharing parts of your lovely home. Have a happy weekend. Nicola x

Lululiz said...

How exciting to have this new start and arranging everything just so in your new home. Your workroom is beautiful, Dorthe. Those shelves, filled with so many gorgeous things, must be such an inspiration every time you look at them. Your creativity will go into overdrive in this lovely new space. xxx

Inger Harding said...

Oh everything looks so beautiful and cozy Dorthe.
Love your wonderful work room! :-)
Have a lovely sunday and a creative and nice new week.
Hugs, inger

Anonymous said...

I hope you are enjoying your new home. It must be strange to be so close to the other houses and in a neighborhood after your beautiful home by the sea, but surely so much easier. Lovely white dining room. xox

Julia said...

Que bonitas fotos. Felicidades por tu bloc, ha sido un regalo poder visitarlo.

Barbara said...

Hello Dorthe, I love the picture of the shelves in your work room, and it has given me an idea for prettying up my very similar room.
I didn’t notice the little gift from the bird until you mentioned it, but I’m sure it will bring you good luck in your new home.

Caterina Giglio said...

Thank you! so nice to see what you have been working on for so long, and it looks so lovely! I love the light, so cheery and good for you! It must feel so good to have some things put away, and moving in with some comfort and ease now. So happy for you! xoxo

Uniquely Ella said...

Hi Dorthe, you have a lovely home. I love all that bright light in your dinning room, what a great space. Love the Lavender too.
Sending blessings,

Jillayne said...

Hello Dorthe - too much light might be troublesome for picture-taking but it gives you a bright and happy home I think! It looks like you are getting more settled in each day - I hope it feels like "home" already...
Many hugs,
jillayne said...

oh my darling,this is so so beautiful what an amazing place you have my dear everything is just so delicate,and so beautifully placed,your home is just divine my dear I am totally in love with it all,love hugs Cherylxxxx

Jackie PN said...

Dearest Dorthe!
I have no idea how I missed this post, but so glad I backtracked to read it!
Oh my!! Your treasures on the shelves look divine! I bet it feels so good to be able to unpack and go through everything again! I am excited for you just viewing! heehee And how you made me laugh with the bird "gift" comment! lol so funny!! I would not had noticed had you not said so! heehee
hugs & love,Jackie

Ruth said...

Love you're white corner,so bright and your studio! Glad you're settling in but my favourite are the bunches of lavender...I can smell it from here...definitely a favourite aroma. Hugs Ruth xx