Saturday, August 1, 2015

I HAVE TO SHOW YOU THIS GORGEOUS CLASS !!!! teached by my dear friend Suzy !!

As many of you knows ,     SUZY    ,  is one of my closest friends,
and this wonderful lady have now for the first time ever , produced a CLASS:

My Class "Peaceful and Pondering" Fabric Lace Book/Journal is now OPEN

Isen`t it soooooo exiting !!
For the first time, we are invited inside Suzy`s studio, being able to see her create one of her amazing 
journal/book s. 


I know many of you-me included - have wayted for this, and now ,here is the
chance to follow Suzy, hearing her own voice ,directing us into 
creating our own marvelous book.

I can`t wait to see it all, being inspired to create like this beautiful
artist friend, in my own style, it will be a lovely tour, down
bookmaking lane, together with Suzy !!

You can read all about it here 

and visit the place for the class  HERE :

I know those of you whom enter the class , will have so much fun and happy
hours ,together with Suzy .

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend .
Hugs and love , Dorthe 


Lululiz said...

This is just about the most anticipated event for me, I have waited for this for years! I signed up for it so quickly, my computer keys almost were on fire, tehehehe. The wait until September is agony though. I think a lot of our friends will be in the classroom with us :-). xxx

Mosaic Magpie said...

How wonderful for Suzi to share her knowledge. Her books are always a work of heART.

~*~Patty S said...

How exciting for Suzy! Her work is gorgeous and I wish her every success with her first online class.
You are a sweet friend lending your support and sharing her happy news dear Dorthe ~♥~
Happy August my sweet friend

Anonymous said...

Oh this is wonderful and I dearly wish I could sign up for the class but it is impossible for me at the moment. You understand I have too little time and energy especially with other commitments. I am sad as I know this would be incredible and I know I would learn so much.
I cannot wait to view what you all create.

butterfly said...

That does look as though it will be an amazing class - and so perfect for you, Dorthe! I would love to stretch my wings in this direction, but I've got classes stored up to do that have been waiting for my attention... but thank you for sharing it with us.
Alison xx

Createology said...

I love Suzi's unique and beautiful fabric collage work. This is very sweet of you Dorthe Dear to share her great news.

Unknown said...

Oh, How fun!! I'm going to have to go over to Suzy's site and see what she's doing :) :) I love 'meeting' new creative people and learning new things! Thanks, Dorthe!! :) :) XOXO-Shari

Jillayne said...

What a wonderful tribute to Suzy and her beautiful books Dorthe - she is such a talented artist, and you are such a wonderful friend to share her good news. Her work is so lovely!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I know the class will be a HUGE success! Suzy makes such beautiful things who wouldn't want to learn from her! :-)

Ana K. said...

Love Suzy`s work and can wait to see what you will make!

AppleApricot Wen said...

Yay!!! I was waiting for it too :) So much looking forward to it! Of course I signed up as soon as I heard the news. And I'm so curious also to see what everyone in class will come up with, they're own interpretations of the book. Big yay and big hugs to you my friend!