Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I finished my collage , and am happy with the result!

The womans face is from a piece of paper napkin, which I used for making a paperfabric, 
and the beautiful embossed paper is an old piece of wall paper, which I coloured and 
stamped with gold!

I used a piece of rusted fabric, which I created, using Rusting powder!
The die over the head is the beautiful trellis from Tim Holz!

Some places are spritzt with a water solution of gold acrylic paint

Also the stenciled area here !!

I made the roses using Tim Holtz new flower dies, they are 
really sweet, and small, so also to use on tags!!

Have you ever tried to dry peonies ?
I haven`t, but this lovely bouquet is now hanging in a
dark corner here in my studio, to see if I will succed ,having 3 lovely
dried peonies, after some time.

I am very thankful that many of you are still visiting and commenting here.
I can see many bloggers are slowly stopping to both post and comment, and it makes me 
kind of sad, as I think this community of blogging friends, should just go on, !!!

So Thank you so much for your visits, and comments,-they really mean a lot to me. 

I wish you all a lovely, -soon to come- weekend.

Hugs and love


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work, so charming and rustic with it's stick hanging rod. That is a spectacular peony color. We found one clump of pink ones, next year many more, I love them. Never tried to dry them before. Let us know how it turns out. xox

Dortesjs said...

det er da ualmindeligt flot dit collage Dorte, du er altid så go til det med blonder ;O)) en sød blomster dies, flot du kan ? jeg har aldrig forliget mig med de blomster dies. hi hi men dine er rigtigt søde.
Pæonerne er bare flotte og en rigtig skøn farve her på dine.

Createology said...

Lovely collage and each element you have used adds to the depth and design that results in this beautiful work of HeArt. Dorthe Dear I too am sad that blogging seems to be losing its momentum. I find our community of like-minded souls to be such a wonderful source of inspiration and friendship. Now I shall continue my quest of June JOY...

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

Hi Dorthe. Your collage is lovely. I am also said that so many bloggers are not posting much anymore. I, for one, will keep on trying! I hope that you're having a great week. Hugs, Sue

sharon said...

You have so many beautiful elements going on in this collage Dorthe, and have put so much effort and love into it to make it so beautiful! It is truly gorgeous!I love the woman's face and always the addition of the fabric! I hope your peonies dry well, they are stunning!

Bente said...

Kjære Dorthe, for et fantastisk collage. Ser at det ligger mye arbeid bak dette kunstverket.
Jeg har tørket peoner og resultatet ble veldig bra. Hadde dem til dekorasjon til de støvet helt ned.
Klem fra meg

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello my sweet Dorthe,
This mixed media piece is just gorgeous where you have employed a number of different techniques to achieve the result all surrounding such a serenly beautiful image from a napkin!

I am sure we would never see so many images of the same work on face book! Here we can share our appreciation of your art to its fullest extent and I am and will be ever so grateful for that.
I for one would be so sad to see the demise of blogging where so many special friendships have started) and it makes me feel even more adamant about supporting and commenting as much as I can.
Please don't stop posting here dear friend as it would make it so very difficult to share in your creativity.

I have never dried peonies myself but I doubt whether it is any different.
June (Laughing with Angels) shows the most gorgeous dried peonies on her blog from time time. A total joy for any rose lover.
Speaking of love - I'm sending heaps from here on a bitterly cold Winter's day!
xox Suzy

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Loving all the awesome layers. And oh those peonies another old favorite of mine. I think the warmer weather gives less comments and posts. So much to do, with family, yard and just enjoying the great outdoors. I have to start much earlier in my day to keep up. Have a wonderful weekend, it's already almost here. Thanks for sharing your lovely piece.

Tanya said...

There is more beauty that comes from this blog on a daily basis than I see most other places - I love this blog, and am here to stay, my friend! Traveling home this week - will check in via my phone though. Love to you - it's beautiful, as always! XOXO

Rhonda said...

First of all, how lovely your collage is. Those paper like flowers are amazing.

Second, yes, I agree, it is sad that so many have quit blogging, commenting and yet there are us few still out there. I pray I never get too busy to keep in touch with my blog friends. xxx

~*~Patty S said...

Oh I adore your finished piece Dorthe ♥!
What a great napkin that must be with the pretty lady on it and just perfect for your project.
It is so nice of you to point out all of your beautiful touches which make up such a lovely creation.
I have some dried light pink peony petals from last year in a tea cup and they still sweet when you put the cup to your nose.
Also last year I was doing some photography with a stem like the color you have and I left it laying flat and it dried there beautifully. Since it was flat the petals fell away and you could see the golden center which had dried too. I think you will have good luck with yours too :-)
In regards to people visiting and commenting I find it more and more challenging to be everywhere I want to be.
In the past I liked to answer each comment but that seems much harder now too.
Blogging is a special connection I would not want to lose. So much more substance than on FB in my opinion and it has more staying power too.
Thank you for being here AND for making my blog a happy place each time you stop by for a visit.

Anni - My Creative Life and Mixed Media Books said...

A wonderful collage dear Dorthe, love the different layers of lace and other things. Håber du må få en god weekend, vejret er da blevet varmere, men det regner meget lige nu.
Knus Anni

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hello sweet friend, Your collage is beautiful. I love how you mixed materials and techniques.
Some bloggers seem to have turned to FB or Instagram. It's just not the same but it's the spirit of the time, I guess.
I hope your lovely peonies will dry well.
Have a wonderful weekend, dearest Dorthe! Let me know if you need warmer weather. I'd gladly send you some degrees from here ... ;).
Mange kys og knus to you,

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hello my dear Dorthe,
your collage is absolutely beautiful.All the different materials you used work so well together - just lovely.
Hope your beautiful peonies will dry well. Have a lovely Sunday, sweetie.
Sending much love and hugs,

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Hi Dorthe! Beautiful collage! Love the techniques that you used! Have a wonderful week!

Lululiz said...

A wonderful new piece, Dorthe, you chose such a lovely face and the embellishments and techniques you have used are awesome! I adore those little flowers, I must look out for that die, haven't seen it before.
Peonies, I have never tried to dry them, and I think by the time I get back to France, they will have stopped blooming ( one neighbour has some in her garden, not me, lol ). We'll see.
I know lots of our bloggy friends have slowed down, stopped, fallen into a big black hole, and you are right, it is very sad, but friendships will endure despite that, and perhaps after some time away from blogland, they will return. I have never been and never will be a fan of facebook, I don't use it, can't stand it. I do use instagram to promote my items in the shop, thats all really. But my true love is my blog, even if it doesn't seem so at the moment, lol, because I am just too busy to post or comment much, due to all the appointments we have to cram into the two weeks in England. xxx

Aspiring crafter said...

This is so beautiful and delicate Dorthe , I love everything about it.
Peonies are so beautiful....hope you succeed drying them ..

AppleApricot Wen said...

Oh dear Dorthe, your collage is stunning! The beautiful touches of gold and the textures, the rusty brown and that beautiful roses you made yourself, wow. I never tried drying peonies before, so I'm curious to see what will happen. Wishing you a beautiful day and sending you big hugs xxx Wendy

JansArtyJunk said...

OMG your mixed media art is absolutely stunning Dorthe!! I adore everything about it from the lace, rusted fabric, sweet image...Just love it all!! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us! :)

Caterina Giglio said...

Dear Dorthe, your fabric collage is so beautiful and romantic... the details and the abstract quality are particularly inviting to me... and I agree with you, so many bloggers have stopped writing and even commenting, it is a very different community now than when I began in 2009. I am thankful that you are still blogging!! xoxo

Karina Beck said...

Lækker Collage. Flot med de mange detaljer og så flot sat sammen.
God weekend.

KFE Design said...

Den er bare rigtig flot den collage du har lavet - spændende med alle de ting, du kan få på - UDEN at der virker "overpyntet". Jeg har et par pæoner i haven, der snart springer ud. Jeg vil da følge med hos dig for at se, om det kan lykkes at tørre dem. Rigtig god weekend.

Betsy said...

Your collage is beautiful! I love the combination of paper and laces you use. So lovely!!! I hope to make some collages sometime, with lots of laces!!! I am having such fun working on Purses! But enjoying what I am learning!!!
Love you creativity!

butterfly said...

What a stunning collage, Dorthe - it has a real feeling of antiquity about it. I love the beautiful woman at the heart, and all the laces. Such wonderful effects from the gold paint too - and I'm happy to see you're enjoying the Tim Holtz flowers...

I know I've probably been one of those you've noticed missing - and it's certainly quiet on Words and Pictures at the moment. But I'm hoping this busy work period will pass soon, and I can be a full member of Craftyblogland again (though of course I love my other work too, and it is important to earn some money sometimes as well as spend it on crafting!!).
Alison xx

Unknown said...

Oh, what a lovely collaged hanging, Dorthe! It's soooo pretty and OMG--you used a piece of wall paper?! How clever is that! :) :) Your layers of fabrics and laces are so beautiful and I love how you've stenciled with texture paste, too :) :)
Oh gosh--You're going to have to show us/tell us how your peonies dried! I've never tried that with peonies...mine have bloomed already and now my peony bushes need to be deadheaded. Always something needing to be done outside ;) :) LOL!!

Monica said...

You're quite right! Nothing like blogging!
Just in case you missed my new The White Bench blog, where I post regularly, you can find it here: