Saturday, November 23, 2013

A BEAUTIFUL SWEET GIFT FROM A LOVELY FRIEND ! landed after being on its way for many weeks !!

Some weeks ago, my lovely friend   LYNNE  wrote to tell me,
she had send a Halloween greeting to me, and if I recieved it!
And I sadly had to tell her it did not arrive. We both thought that was that,
and I almost forgot about it, untill today 4 weeks after she send it ,where
it suddenly was in my mailbox !!

I`m so happy it arrived ,look what I would have been missing, if not!

This gorgeous card with the beautiful witch ,jumping over her broom,on
a wonderful background with webs,stars and a sparkling moon!

Dear Lynne, also send me black laces of different art, and some of
the sweetest black lace flowers- -for me to use making a witch, or
for every other purpose.

I`m sorry you can`t see the sparkling black broom and also on her dress, but the weather
here today is so grey and dark , so you have to imagine that!

Thank you so very much my dearest Lynne, I`m so happy it found it`s way
to me at last, 


This is the center of a not yet finished christmas card, I made !!
this photo was taken many dayes ago, and here you see the sparkle .

Even better here is the sparckle of nature,- the beautiful 
Baltic Sea,- a picture from last week , and from a walk to the sea!

My dear friends, new and old  ---
Thank you for your sweet and lovely comments to me, I hope I`m doing progress, and 
will be all well ,- You are so kind , THANK YOU  .
Thank you new followers , I so appreciate you being here !!

Love and hugs, Dorthe


butterfly said...

What a lovely thing to have Lynne's fabulous creation turn up after you had given up on it! Can't wait to see your finished Christmas card too...
Alison xx

Dortesjs said...

årh hvor fint. skønt med gaver ik ;O))

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

How lovely the gorgeous halloween gift turned up from your friend.
Sometimes we have to have patience with the mail service.
I love your sweet Christmas card you are making.
Also wonderful to see the beautiful Baltic sea - love the pretty blue.
Enjoy the weekend and sending more well wishes, that you will be feeling better

Astrid Maclean said...

How lucky Lynne's beautiful Halloween greeting arrived even after so many weeks, now you can enjoy it for next year's Halloween... Your Christmas card is beautiful too, so subtle and gorgeous! The surroundings of your beautiful island home always look amazing too!
Hope you will feel your old self very soon! Sending big hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Well that witch did have to jump all the way over the moon to get to you. Too cute. xox

Createology said...

So good to hear from you Dorthe Dear. Every day I check in to reinforce my healing energy to you. Lovely Baltic Sea and sparkly card. Very sweet of Lynn to send you treasures. Peace and Joy...

Shane Pollard said...

Hello dearest Dorthe
The post can be slow at times... I am so glad Lynne's lovely parcel eventually arrived.
Now you have a beautiful halloween card to decorate your home next year!
All the lace and bits and bobs are lovely too - very kind.

Your Christmas card is looking beautiful Dorthe - I always love your Christmas creations.

I'm look forward to Nancy's Vintage Christmas too - see you there - maybe we can sit together!! LOL

Take care my dear friend, don't overdo things.
Much love
Shane XOX

Sarina said...

Hello dear Friend,
Thank Heavens it dit arrive at last.It's so beautiful.
Hope you are well.
Have a nice Sunday,

Emilie said...

Kære Dorthe
Hvor var det godt, at pakken alligevel nåede frem! Så var det jo en ekstra stor overrakelse.
Dejligt billede fra havet. Jeg var ved Vesterhavet sidste weekend. Det var noget så dejligt.
Fortsat god bedring.
Knus, Emilie

Bettina Breiding Hansen said...

Sikke en fin gave og smuk collage kære - og vidunderligt efterårs billede!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Dorthe,
your Christmas card looks absolutely beautiful.Lucky that Lynne's parcel arrived after all that time.
Enjoy your gifts from sweet Lynne.
Hope you will feel better soon.
Much love,

Suztats said...

What a nice mailbox surprise!
Love the sparkle on your card, and the ocean photo. Be well. Hugs

Jayne said...

So glad your parcel arrived safely even though it was very late. I hate to think of lovely creative pieces being lost forever. Your Christmas card is so sweet and I love a bit of sparkle. Hope you are continuing to improve Dorthe x

Anonymous said...

You sweet friend to share my wee card and gift of laces. Imagine 4 weeks!!! Did this Good Witch travel to the Oz, a little detour before arriving on your beautiful island?!!!
Oh I cannot wait to see your finished creation.
I will chat soon, it is late, I shouldn't be on-line at this time of night, very naughty.
Sweet dreams & Wishes

suziqu's thread works said...

What a beautiful Witch Lynne has created for you dearest Dorthe. I love all the added bits of lace pieces she sent you too.
Glad to see you creating some beautiful cards for Christmas too. Looking gorgeous!
Enjoy these beautiful views all around you sweet friend while you can for they are precious!
In my heart and in my thoughts!
With much love,

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi sweetie, It would have been a real shame if Lynne's fabulous Halloween creation would have gotten lost in the mail. The laces are wonderful too and you will put them to good use.
Your Christmas card looks beautiful already. Have you started decorating or are you still too busy with all the prepararions for closing your shop? I've been busy painting furniture and dying fabrics lately. It's time for a change - from white to grey. At least in the living room.
I hope you feel a whole lot better in the meanwhile and got rid of the bug. Thinking of you every day, my dearest Dorthe.
Mange kys og knus ♥,

Anni - My Creative Life and Mixed Media Books said...

Oh Dorthe, how lucky you are that Lynne's beautiful Halloween gifts arrived after so many weeks, pas på dig selv og ha en rigtig hyggelig tid med Mathilde i skolen.
Hugs Anni

AppleApricot Wen said...

So glad to see it did arrive in the end, it's always a shame when beautiful packages get lost. Lynne's gift to you is gorgeous and so is the center of your card-in-the-make, can't wait to see the result! And love your beautiful sea photo. I used to live very close to the sea and miss it dearly! The happy hours spend walking, looking for beach finds, taking in the fresh sea air...
Wishing you a beautiful day my friend, hugs from The Netherlands

Tanya said...

Ah, Dorthe - the Halloween card is "to die for" - how fun it is to get something like that, past season - just makes it last longer. Gorgeous...and I LOVE the center of the card you are working on, yourself. So lovely, as usual!

Heading towards Thanksgiving here - hope the rest of your week is as fabulous as the beginning seems to have been! XOXOXOXOXOXO Tanya

Terri said...

Hello Dorthe,
Your gifts from Lynn look wonderful. I am so glad you did finally get her package. You never know when we mail such distances.
The Christmas card you have made is gorgeous! I love all those layers and laces.
I am so relived to hear you are feeling better. I hope you only continue to grow stronger.