Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SOLVED my problem ....Thankyou !!!

Seems my problem is solved after I 
scanned the computer ,-got rid of all the cookies, and said goodby to the
blog, that Google told me caused the problem, so it is no longer in my blog list!
you are the best!!!  

I`m letting it stay, if others  have the same experience!!
Entering my blog this morning I got a _WARNING- that I maybe have malware from 
another blog....on my  own blog!
I have scanned my computer, and nothing shows up...
My danish friends don`t see any  malware sign when visiting my blog, and I dearly hope you out there don`t get it on your screen eighter???????????
But how does I make Google take it away?
Could any of you please help me with that?

This little piece is  from Nancy`s heart tutorial again.
I so enjoy following and creating from them,doing my own
versions from what is in my stach.
Thankyou, dear Nancy.


Hugs and love


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Love your new creation,dear Dorthe.
It is so lovely.I didn't got a warning so I really can't help you with the problem.Sorry.Hope all is well my friend.

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Dorthe,
I am sorry, but I don't know anything about the message you have received.
I do know that your latest little heart is very sweet.
enJOY a lovely day,

Astrid Maclean said...

Hi Dorthe
Well you know I LOVE you heart, as I left you a message on Facebook already. I had the same happening a while back, - it was only people who use Google Chrome as their internet engine or whatever you call it who saw the message. Firefox and Explorer users don't see it. I think it is totally harmless, mine just disappeared after a few days. Fingers crossed it will be the same for you. Do you use Google Chrome?

Lisa Graham said...

Hello Dorthe, I did not get a Malware warning at all. I had that happen on my blog a long time ago. I think it was because I was using a background from "Shabby Blogs". I took the background away and just used a background from Blogger and no trouble since.

Your heart art is so pretty! xo

Claudia said...

No warning on my end, Dorthe. I know these things happen and sometimes they are unexplainable.


Bettina Breiding Hansen said...

Hej Dorthe. Jeg fik en advarsel og bruger Chrome - jeg sagde bare tillad til at besøge din side og så har den ikke været der siden - håber det går!!
Og sikke et dejligt hjerte - så fint!!!
Knus bb

Mosaic Magpie said...

No warnings here. Hopefully it is gone!

AppleApricot Wen said...

Hello dear Dorthe, it's me again :)
I'm happy you could solve the problem, I see no warning anymore.
Your heart piece is gorgeous!
Are you feeling healthy again?

hugs and happy day,

Tanya said...

Hi, Dorthe...boy, those are annoying! I am betting it's nothing, but they are hard to get rid of, too. I have a program that I can run (it's a free download) called Malwarebyte &'s for getting rid of Malware. I had one like that that kept popping up everytime I got on the computer, years ago. The only way I could get rid of it was to run this Anti-Malware thing and let them zap it. It really wasn't an invasive thing to my computer, just an annoyance that someone thinks is funny. Other than that, I hope your week is easy! XOXO Tanya

My Creative House said...

So sweet and beautiful dear Dorthe, godt du har fået løst dit problem, vi snakkes ved.
Hugs Anni

Createology said...

No Malware warning upon entering your blog Dorthe Dear. This heart is beautiful with the delightful elements you have used. Blissful...

Vesna Maric said...

Hello there,
the same thing happened to me this morning too but I think there is nothing to be worried about. I guess it is just one of the ads that Google uses to make us buy some so called protection program. I have no problem with my computer too.
I love the things you do and regularly read your blog in Google reader ... Cute hearts!
xoxoxo Vesna

Alisa Noble said...

Everything looks fine from my end!
I hope it all turns out okay for you, Dorthe.

Bente said...

Heia Dorthe Ingenting skjedde da jeg kom inn på bloggen din.


JansArtyJunk said...

Your shabby heart is very sweet Dorthe...
...and no warning hopefully you have it sorted now?
Jan x

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

So glad that you have solved your problem as it can be frustrating when things like this happen.
Love your darling little heart.

Happy day

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dorthe,
So glad you are feeling a bit better. I am doing better too although still weak and painful lungs when taking a breath. It just takes time doctor says.
Anyway, I had this happen to my blog one year ago. It ruined my laptop and everything was effected from my blog to my shoppe. It was being carried by another blog but I do not know how or which one. I never did get a message, just the malware over my screen. I do know that there are ads that make you think you need to buy into them and then they corrupt your computer. My son said, never to except that.

Your blog looks fine from my end. I hope this gets worked out for you. I know it can be so frustrating.
Love your heart creation and again so glad you are feeling better.
Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment about my RH blog feature. You are so sweet.
Have a wonderful week.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Anonymous said...

Glad it's fixed. Usually the persn who has it doesn't lnow it either, those hackers are nasty. xox

Chenille Cottage said...

My dearest Dorothe,
What a joy to find your loving comment on my blog. I have been away for a while and it's good to be home. I'm sorry you are struggling with the flu, too. It is a slow moving bug. My sweet husband has had it, too. Thankfully, our new grandbaby and his mommy and daddy didn't get it.

Your blog is always so lovely. I am inspired by all your beautiful handiwork, my dear friend.

Have a lovely day,
Blessings across the miles,
Carolynn xoxo

Suztats said...

I'm glad your problem has been solved. Lovely heart. Wishing you many more hearts this month.....

Rhonda said...

Hi Dorthe, sorry to hear you had a blogger issue. It happens from time to time. Glad it got fixed!

Your little girl creation is darling.

xo Rhonda

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello dear sweet friend, Dorthe
That is a very sweet and beautiful rendition of Nancy's tutorial. It really has your flavour.
So pleased that you managed to rid your blog of that virus.
What system worked for you dearest?
Sending anti-virus hugs (never to return!) and love all the way across the world to you this morning.

Pam said...

Hi Dorthe, not to worry. You can get free anti virus software to download. It's what I have used for years and it keeps my sites virus free. The site is called: Best of luck my friend! xo Pam

junemac2 said...

Hello Dorthe,
Thank you so much for adding to my new Dezinaworld blog my friend. Its so good to be back and I am looking forward to building up again and visiting your beautiful blog. This is so pretty my friend. you inspire me
Hugs June x

Unknown said...

Hello dear Dorthe

I am new in Blogland and i hope that i don't get the troubles you have.Gladly for you that it is resolved
( My Englisch writing is not so good,so i hope you understand me)
You askt if you can use my freebees for you're projects and ofcourse you can and you may.I offer them to you Bloggers for personal use

I also wish you a nica weekend

Friendly greetings,

Lisa said...

Hi dorthe, I can't help uYou with your blog trouble. I go to dawn when I have a problem, she's my go to girl, :) I am loving the projects from Nancy's class, I need to go check that out. Nancy is so awesome & such a sweetie. Hope your feeling all better sweet friend. Lisa

Paula said...

Hello sweet Dorthe, Your heart collage is so pretty dearest! You are very talented and creative! I am so glad the problem is solved. I hope you don't have anymore trouble sweetheart! Thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting me! I have your lovely email and will try and respond soon. I am sorry it is taking so long. I send you lots of love my dear friend and hope you are doing well and will have a happy weekend! Love you, Paula xo

Erika said...

Liebe Dorthe!
Zuerst das Kompliment: Dein Herzensbild ist so schön zart und traumhaft, mit all´den sanften Farben. Ich liebe es!!!
Hier ist mit dem PC alles in Ordnung. Es tut mir Leid, dass Du so vile Ärger mit maleware hast. Wenn ich nicht weiter weiß hilft mir mein lieber Uwe.
Geht es Dir gut, liebe Freundin? Ist Deine Grippe weg?
Ich schicke Dir ganz viele liebe Grüße und Küsse!
Deine Freundin Erika