Tuesday, May 8, 2012


And I want to show you such very beautiful gifts I have recieved in the post.
Having not felt well for some time, they was not posted ,when I recieved  them some time ago-I`m sorry for that,but I know it is understood!
Isen`t this the most lovely packet , from my dear friend SUZY

Here is the most beautiful card she made me-this is the inside,I think it is so lovely, and romantic.

And this is the cover ,and some pumpkin seeds she send me. I can`t wait to see,and taste them, if they will grow, so cold here, still !

Here another glance of the stunning fabric,and whitework,that was packed around sweet Suzy`s gift to me!!

Look what this dear woman send me,for the cold dayes in my shop-Suzy knows from our corespondance,that I`m often freezing out there in winter time, and sweetly and lovingly send me this set of wonderfully soft and warm Australian Merino fine wool  blouse and long johns.

It is so beautiful-my colour do not do it real justice,as they are more bright in real.
I can`t wait to use them next winter, and feel warm and cosy ,and blessed, recieving such a loving gift.
Thankyou from my heart my very dear friend,you are a treasure.

And -SHARON  from Livewire Jewlery ,dear Sharon...
those gorgeous earrings I purchased from her some weeks ago, as I loved them at once, seing them, with their bright colours and her stunning fabricmade pearls (on top )

But they did not come allone- look what this sweet dear friend send me- -lovely packets filled with gorgeous gifts-

First one of  her beautiful little handmade bags, that I love,with the soft laces and red accents,-and do you see the yummy teas? They tests so good-already gone :)
--and  her machine embroidered ribbon-

This is her card ,not done justice here, as the colours are also not as bright as in real.. I love the tecnique,it is so very beautiful,and special .

And this OH MY, so stunning cuff- it is a most beautiful  gorgeous piece

look here,at all the beauty.and her petite embroidered flowers in white! I so love it my dear Sharon.

And over this gorgeous old little mini purce ,in velvet,-I could also not close my mouth for OOOHHSSS ,
and Sharon so dearly filled it with religious old  charms, and a brooch.

In another sweet package was those wonderful earrings, look at those pearls, I love how they are cut.

Beautiful hand embroidered old hankies, and the sweetest ,most lovely old flowers , and the cute old card --Sharon, I so love everything you send me, dearest friend, You found all the treasures for me, and I adore them-
firstly your masterly made, own creations, but also the  beauty from yesteryear, that you know I can`t very often find here. 

You are a wonderful friend, Thankyou dear ,dear- Sharon
The earrings have been in my ears many times since I recieved them,and will be alwayes.

Thankyou both two dear and wonderful friends, we have known each other for some years now, and I am so happy and blessed we have met here.

  I admire both of you very much .


Thankyou for looking  it was a long post ,but filled with beauty, and I hope you enjoyed  it all.
I have recieved more fantastic blog love gifts, that I will show you later.
For now  to all and everyone-

Hugs and love


Bente said...

Heia Dorthe. Så heldig du er som har fått så mange fine gaver. Nydelige ting.


Karina Beck said...

Meget smukke ting, du har modtaget!
Håber at det går bedre nu!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

You have received the most beautiful gifts from your friends, how lovely for you.
The merino clothing will be great for next winter.

Do hope that you are having a happy week.

Gabriela said...

What beautiful gifts!You are a loved lady!I hope you are feeling better!

June said...

You have such wonderful friends Dorthe. Your gifts from the heart as all so lovely. Aren't friends the best???
hugs from here...

Sandy said...

My sweet friend Dorthe you are a sooo lucky girl.
Lovely lovely gifts from your friends. The earrings from Sharon are amazing. Love them.

Have a lovely day my dear. xoxo

Angela Richardson said...

What a lovely post filled with beautiful gifts from dear friends.
I hope I haven't missed any other posts while my internet was out of action.
Keep well Dorthe.
Hugs and smiles, Angela.x

AppleApricot Wen said...

Hello dear Dorthe, that's all so gorgeous and so sweet of your friends. I've said many oooohs and aaaahs as well while looking at those delights :)
Have a lovely day, hugs, Wendy

sharon said...

Oh thank you sweet friend! It is my joy to send you all those lovely things...what good are they if I cannot share with such a beautiful friend as you! You brighten my days since we have met, you are a wonderful friend, more than one can ask for....I am so happy!~

Sugar Lump Studios said...

these are all just precious! lovely pieces and beautiful (like you)! What a delight!
Happy Wednesday m'dear! :)

Emilie said...

Kære Dorthe.
Skønne dejlige gaver!
Jeg håber, du har fået det bedre og snart er frisk igen?

Her er det blevet eksamenstid, hvilket jo altid er en meget travlt tid, så måske kommer jeg ikke lige forbi blogverdenen så ofte, som jeg gerne ville. Nu ved du i al fald hvorfor, hvis jeg virker lidt fjern den kommende tid...

Knus, Emilie

P.S. Jeg håber, du har fået Pinterest til at virke ordentligt?

Paula said...

Hello sweetheart Dorthe,
All of your gifts are so beautiful! You have such generous, talented and sweet friends, and you are the very same dear one! I know you will enjoy and treasure all these pretties so much! I hope you are enjoying warmer and sunnier weather and all is well sweetie! I did enjoy your beauty filled post and look forward to your next one! Sending you much love, hugs and kisses~ Paula

Anonymous said...

Dorthe, this is no surprise that you have received these special gifts. EVERYONE loves you! And with good reason. You're a sweetheart!!


Mosaic Magpie said...

Special dear gifts from good friends are always the best. I do love that cuff bracelet what a beauty!

Anonymous said...

You are just the luckiest of lucky girls my friend, most beautiful gifts from wonderful friends all so talented! xox

Anneke said...

you have made a beautiful post as always and you are lucky to get such precious gifts.
they are all little treasures.
enjoy everything and a hug from Ann

suziqu's thread works said...

Good evening my sweet friend Dorthe
It is my absolute pleasure to send you this small gift. I know how much you will enjoy growing these pumpkins and, as I worry about how hard it can be to create in such a freezing climate, compared to our mild weather here in Autralia, so it's just to bring you some more warmth!
Sharon's gifts are all so gorgeous too - her creations are beautiful!
But I hope you will not be in need of these warmies for a while to come yet and hope the sun is shining down upon you with love and warmth.
Love you dear friend with big hugs,

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You sure have some wonderful blog friends, Dorthe! Lovely goodies in the mail!

Lululiz said...

What a very thoughtful gift from Suzy, she really is a very wonderful woman and a true friend.
Oh, and those beautiful earrings and gifts you received from Sharon, they are just stunning, and I can just imagine what you must have felt like when you opened the package.

Sarina said...

Hello Dorthe,
What a gorgeous things ,you received from your dear friends.
Those earrings are so beautiful and the hankerchiefs, o so romantic.
It must be wonderful, to have such friends.

Warm greetings,

Jillayne said...

It was a lovely post Dorthe, and I am always happy to read to the end.
I'm sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. I think you have been feeling ill for sometime now... I do hope warmer weather comes and brings healthy days to you.
Your gifts are wonderful, especially the "pyjamas" they will keep you warm and cozy on a winter's day!
Take care Dorthe, and be well soon.
Hugs from Jillayne

marie said...

Sweet treasures for sweet Dorthe! Wonderful gifts to warm your body and your heart!
I hope you feel better soon Dorthe!

Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe- you have certainly been blessed. Thanks you sharing all of your wonderful gifts with us. You are truly loved by your blogging friends! Such gracious gifts have traveled a long distance just to make you smile--

Viola said...

Wunderschöne Sachen hast Du bekommen, liebe Dorthe! Viel Spaß damit!!