Saturday, January 21, 2012


YES me too-- problems commenting, also- AND some bloggers tells me they have a big warning entering my blog, that their MIGHT be virus on it!!!!!!. like so many other experiensed last year.  It is all BLOGGER PROBLEMS ,and that Internet Explorer does not support BLOGGER anymore .  --I do not have virus, I have scanned my computer several times ! and  I so hope they will soon fix it. And I hope  you will visit me even if the sign comes up , please.

This piece of wood, have stayed with me for long, but last week I thought I would do something pretty with it, and dressed it with lots of laces, and nature elements.
The tile in front is covered with ink in a special tecnic, that I read about at LISA`S BLOG  ,when she shared it last year, and ROBIN so generously gifted me with the tiles and the material to use with it.

I used a found feather, a piece of bark, skeleton leaves, and twigs.
I love how it turned out. It is only 12 cm high and 10 wide. 

This year again I have found many skeleton leaves :)

Also made a tag, I had this piece of terracotta/brown fur ,that matched her lips so great.

Photoes from my walk at the beach last week- as you can se there are no snow here yet,only long winter shaddows.

and big waves bringing wood from the sea to shore.

Thankyou for beautiful comments and for new followers, it all means so much to me, and I feel blessed with all the precious friendships I have in blogland, and all the goodnes between bloggers.
Next post I will show you what entered my door -out of the blue and totally surprisingly -it is something beautiful,:)
For now hugs and love and a happy week-end to you all.


Sandy said...

Hi sweetie,

Your newest creation is spectacular.
I´ve missed my words. So lovely details and stunning work. Love them.

Have a lovely weekend my dear friend. xoxo

suziqu's thread works said...

Good Morning Dearest Dorthe,
I think you have been so immaginative with that piece of wood and using those beautiful nature elements of skeleton leaves, twigs and feathers only adds to this beautiful three dimensional art piece. It is so amazing!

Oh the colours of that tag with such an elegant image, feathers and ribbon create such a unique piece sweetie.

Such a beautiful place to visit so close to home during those special days of sunshine is a gift during these long days of Winter! Enjoy it while you can my dear friend.

I have to say I took Tina's (Tiny Bear) advice and changed my comment box in Settings on Blogger and all my problems seemed to have disappeared
Sending warm hugs and much love to you.
Suzy xoxox

Anonymous said...

Fantastic piece Dorthe and I love the photos of your sunny beach. No warning messages for me, thankfully. xox Corrine

Diane said...

More beauty to see from your hands and from where you live--just beautiful!
Blogger has been VERY difficult for me too!! I hope they fix their problems--it's getting me frustrated...

Anonymous said...

Dorthe, my blogging friends had the same problem. I think it's fixed.

Hope you are having a good week, my friend!

Hugs, Diane

Hopemore Studio said...

I do not get warnings Dorthe, glad for that. I think it is interesting when we hold on to a piece for just the right project. Eventually something calls for it.

Icy wonderland here today but warmer again by the Monday so the ice will be gone..interesting winter this year. Thanks for sharing your sea pictures, I always love to see them.

Emilie said...

Kære Dorthe.

Jeg håber, dine problemer med Blogger snart forsvinder. Det er simpelthen så irriterende, når teknikken ikke virker. Jeg bruger selv Mozilla Firefox. Har du måske tænkt på at bruge en anden internet browser? Måske kan det afhjælpe nogle af dine problemer? Jeg ved det ikke, men det er vel forsøget værd...?

Dejlige billeder af havet. Der er simpelthen noget meget forførende ved havets kyster.

Og smukke og spændende kreationer, du har fået lavet. Jeg er stadig vild med, hvordan du sætter yndige og 'grove' ting sammen.

Jeg håber, du får dig en dejlig weekend.

Robin said...

Beautiful pieces Dorthe! Love your pics of the beach too.


Unknown said...

i am having NO troubles visiting here dear dorthe! yea! your newest creations are just lovely! I hope this finds you well....

Anonymous said...

Oh blogger has been such a problem of late. I love your creations. I love how you combine different textures and elements in your work...pure magic.



Suztats said...

Hi Dorthe! Gee, I'd be happy to send you some ice and snow if you'd like some. tee hee
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sue said...

No warning for me Dorthe!! Have you considered using Firefox as your browser? I was a confirmed I.E. user for years and several years ago switched to Firefox (due to the problems with Internet Explorer). I honestly would not go back to I.E. now.

Love what you have done with your block of wood - it is gorgeous! How fortunate you are to live so close to the water so that you can collect some of the treasures that wash up on shore! I envy you.


PS...I also love skeleton leaves!

Anonymous said...

I love your altered wood and I think it looks great! I have never gotten a warning about your blog and I hope Blogger fixes this problem soon! Too many Blogger problems is what runs off the best of blogs.....

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Dorthe- your gift from the sea is incredible. I love what you have done with that piece of wood-- as always you create with nature in ways that are amazing.

The pictured of the beach are fabulous. I would walk that beach every day if I lived there. You are blessed to have such a gorgeous place from which to draw your beautiful inspirations for your crafts!

I hope you have a wonderful week with your darling grand daughter-- how old is she?

Are you going to participate in the One World Our Art event this year?

Your little feathered tag--- it's fabulous!


Elly said...

I have no virus warning for your blog.(:o) I had a warning last week but not about yours.
You piece of wood looks stunning. Love your transformation.
Have a nice weekend, Dorthe.

Evi said...

God, not you too. What the heck is blogger doing to us all?!!!
I had some help yesterday from a high school student...he fixed one thing and undid something else. Had to muddle through it by myself today. Hope you get yours fixed really soon.
Dorthe, I love this new creation, very neat!
Lots of hugs from a snowy New York,

Lululiz said...

Nothing horrid popped up, so everything seems ok.
I am utterly amazed at what you have done with a simple piece of wood, Dorthe, its fantastic! I love all the beautiful natural embellishments you have used, and the image is so sweet.
The tag is gorgeous, the image is quite haunting and the dark overall effect suits it perfectly.
And just look at that blue sky and the perfect surf. So this is the beach were you find all those lovely pieces of driftwood.

Rhonda said...

Beautiful pieces, sweet Dorthe. I bet you are so happy how your wood piece turned out, so pretty!

I've had those messages about other's blogs, not yours though.
Silly blogger, get it fixed already!

Hugs, Rhonda

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

Dorthe, both of your pieces are great. The wood piece has so many things from nature on it, love those skeleton leaves. You have such a wonderful place to walk, the sea is beautiful.
Hugs Jackie

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Dorthe,
I just love what you did with the wood - so very beautiful.
No warning came up but I still have problems commenting on other Blogs as well.Have a wonderful Sunday.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Your wood art is a fabulous piece, my dear Dorthe! You've used so many wonderful elements to create it and the image is so sweet. The tag is very beautiful too.
Did you bring some wood home from your beach walk?
Have a lovely Sunday, sweetie :-)!
Lots of kys og knus,

Sonya Badgley said...

Dear Dorthe,
Your nature creation is just beautiful. Don't you just love the skeleton leaves? You are so talented, my friend. And your tag is stunning...amazing work.
The beach is lovely-how lucky you are to live right next to it.
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Hugs and love,

Viola said...

Super, super schöööööööön, Süße! Einfach toll! Wunderbare Creationen! Deine Strandbilder sind ebenfalls traumhaft. Bei uns regnet und stürmt es wie verrückt! Wir sollten uns wohl besser mal ein Boot kaufen, hihi!
Alles Liebe und noch einen wunderschönen Sonntag, Viola :o)

Old Paper Roses said...

Dear Dorthe,
Your newest creations look so pretty!
Luckily I do not have problems with blogging (yet).
Hope they will fix it soon, so you won't get problems anymore.

Have a lovely day...
Hugs Michelle

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I am sorry to hear of the blogger problems. As you know I moved my blog last June because of problems. I think certain browsers cause problems sometimes. I love your beautiful piece - so many pretty pieces of nature incorporated into it. I also love the photos of the reminds me of our Great Lakes here in Michigan - like the sea but without the salt water. Hugs to you and Happy Sunday!

Jillayne said...

I love your sea pictures Dorthe! It looks so wonderful to live by the sea - you are very lucky.
Your newest creation is very lovely with all it's bits and pieces and treasures and is so creative.
And hopefully Blogger will sort itself out soon, but I will always come to visit, virus or not!
A big hug from Jillayne

Minna Perälä said...

Hi Dorthe!

I love the way you turn nature´s finds to a special art pieces!!!
Your little log is charming!
I would love to walk along the beach too - here we have tons of snow and our seaside is so very frozen...

Mosaic Magpie said...

I have my fingers crossed that the comment will go through and your blogger problems are gone. I have had trouble too. Love the photo of the are lucky to live in such a beutiful place.

Marlynn said...

Dear Dorthe - your blog always always makes me smile! I had trouble on my laptop getting into my own blog through internet explorer that I finally loaded google chrome. Love your creations and thru google have had no trouble seeing your blog. You are special and so precious! Hugs

sharon said...

you have created a fabulous creation Dorthe! It is beautiful with all of your found nature treasures...simply gorgeous!
The photo of the sea makes my heart melt Dorthe, I am with you in spirit for sure!

Lisa said...

Hello Dorthe,
What a great idea to cover that block like this. I always adore your tags & how you use nature & images to embellish them, but now it's 3 demensional!! Love that idea. Not sure which idea you got from me. Was it the copying on tissue thing?
As for blogger troubles. I am having those issues too. When I tried to comment on Miss Sandy yesterday I was directed to a blank page. Just know I clicked on the link you left to my blog & there was a strange error message that popped up. It's always something with these computers!!!
Hope your doing well sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dorthe! The Sea photos are beautiful and your new Creation is stunning! I am always so inspired by you. You have such a beautiful and giving heart and you are always so kind to your readers. You are such a sweetheart!

We are in the process of moving, but I did want to stop in for a visit this morning and say hello - I hope you are doing well my friend! xo

Karina Beck said...

Hvor er det smukke arbejder!
Du må have en god mandag aften.

mette laumann said...

Hej Dorthe Ja det er ikke så godt , nogle gange kan jeg ikke komme ind og give beskeder ......øvøv.
savner for vildt melsted når du sætter de skønne fotos ind , glæder mig til at blive blæst igemmen igen ;O)
.....også lige et snut op til dig og se dig og dine smukke ting.
knus mette

Cindy Adkins said...

WOW, Dorthe, this is amazing--how beautiful, my friend!!!

Lisa Graham said...

Now I want a walk on the beach. But I live in the middle of the USA, so that won't be happening today. Darn.

I love what you did with your creative! Especially the photos you put on there and the feathers...such a nice touch.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Just happened upon your blog and found your dolls beautiful and your other creations so subtle and pleasing. Very creative blog!
best from Tunisia,

Yitte said...

Dear Dorthe,

Your new creations looks beautiful. I love the way you used all kind of things that nature gives your into it. Beautiful pictures of your beach walk. I'm so sorry to hear about allthe blogger problems hope it will bea solved very soon.

Anneke said...

hi sweetie
yes the shore is so beautiful, and it is wonderful to have a long walk.
i like your wooden piece with so many gorgeous items on it.
i hope your blogger problems will soon be solved.
have a nice week and hugs!

Guriana said...

Dorthe, what a beautiful creations!!:))