Sunday, December 18, 2011



Maybe you remember that I some time ago told you that I had fallein in love with Robin`s wonderful dolls,
and seeing her angel BEA- I just so had to have her ,:)
isen`t she so sweet, and see she brings her little bird.

And dear Robin, also gifted me with another of her gorgeous and funny birds: Chre Bird, here she is eating in my kitchen grenery after the very long ride,lol.
Thankyou so very much my dear Robin-I love them both

Also the christmas cards have started coming, here is the first that arrived from Sherry

isen`t it so christmassy cosy, it is beautifully printet on fabric and glittered.

And this lovely glittered one also was in the envelope.
Thankyou so very much Sherry, I love the words.

From a very dear friend :Lynne from UK  I recieved this beautiful card -I love the snowflakes,
and the wonderful glitter Lynne used , so difficult to see in this photo.
Thankyou dear ,I love it.

And this came also from US and another dear friend of mine: Diane
this card is also so wonderfully glittered, and isen`t the glove so cute?
Thankyou my dear Diane.

This sweet card and star is from Mette, a danish so sweet friend ,
Thankyou Mette so much, you are the sweetest.

And the most beautiful little calender with little windows to open,
It was send from Germany and dear Anette,
Danke sehr meine freund.

Some weeks ago I also recieved a big package from another close,dear friend  Vicki    
this card was on top of all the goodies inside.       

See here, -I could not believe my eyes when opening all up. Dear Vicki had packed all so beautifully, but I did not have the patience to wait for photo shooting-lol

look how many laces so lovely packet

beautiful flowers and ribbons

more fabbolus flowers-and the crocheted doily

most beautiful snowflakes blings in two sices-I love them

and thise wonderful golden christmas ornaments--and there were so much more- like buttons-little ornaments,-stars in a row-golden and silvery glittered big flowers,pearls ---a so fantastic packet, filled with great materials to create with.
Vicki, you have been so wonderful to me- Thankyou from my heart dear friend.
There have been something on its way to you,for some time now--- and I would have thought it should have been there by now...but hope it is only delayed

Can you see ,how blessed I am- I am in a world filled with wonderful friends, from almost all over the world-
Thankyou -BIG- all you are the kindest and sweetest friends and , I love you.
A ,for me very long post--I hope you are still here, to read that I am thankful to know all of you, readers and followers, to.
Hugs and love, Dorthe


Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty and more pretty! Lucky you. xox Corrine

mette laumann said...

Hold nu op nogle skønne kort de er da vildt flotte , bliver jeres postbud ikke nygerie for at se hvad der kommer i alle de pakker.
Tusinde tak for dine søde hilsen på min blog , men jeg må snart se at finde ud af hvordan jeg sætter et link ind , når jeg skriver om dine ting.
Kæmpe mange jule kram Mette

Claudia said...

You are indeed blessed, Dorthe, but we are blessed by knowing you.


Suztats said...

It is a joyous season, made all the more so for wonderful Friends! Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Dorthe!

morkaren said...

Hvis jeg har forstået dit indlæg rigtig, så er alle de dejlige matrialer fra venner ude omkring i den store verden, hvor dejligt for dig Dorte, man skal jo hà noget at arbejde med når man laver de dejlige engle/dukker.
juleknus morkaren.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

What wonderful gifts that your friends have sent to you Dorthe.
You are so loved here in blogland and I'm so glad that I know you are one of my special blogger friends.


Shane Pollard said...

Oh dear Dorthe, you are truly blessed!!!
Such creativity from your wonderful friends, and their way of saying thankyou to you for all your kindnesses over the year!

Please keep showing us as more arrive and....

Joyeux Noel
Christmas hugs
Shane x

Sonya Badgley said...

Isn't blogland just wonderful? We meet people we never would have otherwise. How blessed we are! Your gifts are wonderful, my friend!
Hugs,love and the merriest Christmas,

Rhonda said...

Sweet packages and cards for the sweetest Dorthe.

I hope you are enjoying this blessed time, sweet friend.

Sending many warm wishes, Rhonda

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Ah, your new cute doll family is growing. That's wonderful, sweetie! You've received a lot of beautiful Christmas cards and Vicki's package is just fabulous. Enjoy all the lovely gifts, my dear friend and have a great week :-)!
Allerliebste Grüße und mange kys og knus

Baggaraggs: said...

MIn Kaere Vin Dorthe, dear one thank you so much for your lovely write up on my doll and Ochre Bird. You are so good to ME!!! I apreciate you so much. Love you friend. Robin

Sandy said...

Hi sweetie,

Wow so many many pretty and lovely gifts from your friends. You are a lucky girl. I´m so happy for you and I wish you a lovely new week.


sjmcdowell said...

Dear Dorthe,

Such wonderful friends we have in blogland don't we!
I wish the whole world treated each other as kindly and warm as we do to each other here.
I look forward to see what lovely things you will make with Vicki's package!
everything you received from everyone is so lovely.
I do like the little German Christmas scene that Anette gave to you.
severla years ago I was in Germany for Christmas and it looked just like this little calender, with all the Christmas stalls decorated..I will always treasure that time there in Germany for Christmas.

God Bless you and wishing you a very special Christmas.

Love and hugs,


suziqu's thread works said...

Dear sweet friend,
These beautiful greeting cards and gifts reflect the beauty that comes from the heart that knows how to give so warmly.
Everything is gorgeous! especially the package from sweet Vicki.
Enjoy them as you enjoy the approach of this special event.
Have a wonderful day!
Loving thoughts and very warm wishes,

sharon said...

Beautiful gifts and such beautiful friends! We are so so blessed in this blogland!
I know I still need to write to you, time is slipping away for the holidays....I will be in touch this week. It has been somewhat of a struggle dear friend.

Viola said...

Hallo Süße,
da bist Du aber wieder verwöhnt worden. So viele schöne Karten und Geschenke. Hab`noch einen schönen Tag, liebe Dorthe!
Viele kys, kys, Viola :-)

she dreams big! said...

All wonderful gifts for a wonderful lady! Merry Christmas Dorthe!

Robin said...

Blog friends are the best! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year Dorthe!


Lynne Moncrieff said...

The sweetness of the doll. I am sitting here smiling as she is so adorable and so perfect.
Blogland is the most wonderful, warm place, I know it is beyond my expectations.
Dorthe, you are well loved and I count myself lucky to have formed a friendship with such a lovely and talented woman.
Warmest Wishes to you and yours for the Festive Season.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Dorthe! all your wonderful handmade Christmas cards...Just beautiful! And the angel and little bird, my goodness, you all are so talented!! What wonderful Christmas fun, Hope you have a perfect Christmas, dear Dorthe!! xoxo

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Dorthe!!
Oh my gosh--it is already Christmas early there!!! I love all your wonderful treasures from special friends--WOW!!! I will let you know when your envelope arrives!! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!
Merry Christmas to you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful cards and gifts Dorthe! Yes my friend, you are very and truly blessed. And, also, you bless us with your friendship and beauty too. I enjoy visiting you here, and I want to wish you a very Merry Holiday! Lots of hugs and love all the way from Texas! xo

Unknown said...

So beautiful Christmas gifts and decoration!!!

Dear Dorthe,
I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Love and Hugs

Charmingdesigns said...

Thank you for coming by. I too wish you a Happy Holiday!! You received such goodies. I am so glad we have met through blogland!!

Charmingdesigns said...

I too wish you Happy Holidays. I am so glad we have met through blogland. You received quite a load of goodies, I cant wait to see what you will come up with.

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, beautiful gifts, Dorthe, you are truly blessed!
Sending warm wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas and much health and happiness for 2012.

Hugs, Gaby

Anneke said...

dear dorthe
you are indead blessed with special gifts from your blogger friends.
they are all treasures from the heart.
i know you will give them a wonderful place.
futher i wish you and your family , A MERRY CHRISTMAS and enjoy these days.
hugs from Ann

My Creative House said...

Dearest Dorthe so many wonderful cards and other beautiful things you have received, oh kære hvor er Robins engel sød og alle de fine blonder og andet du har fået af Vicki. Wishing you a Merry Christmas with your family.
Hugs Anni

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Sweet Dorthe -
I am late to this wonderful Christmas party here~~

What can I say - I enjoyed gathering your treasures and wrapping them and making them so very special for your gift. It was so much fun for me - and I am thrilled that you love your little treasures.

You have been gifted some incredible and beautiful things from your friends - the cards are almost as lovely as your gifts. I feel way short in the card department this year - will have to TRY to do better next year!!

Truly the best gift of all is your friendship and the love that you show to us all - your family of friends all over the world.

Merry Christmas Dorthe - have a wonderful and blessed holiday.