Friday, December 10, 2010

Some photoes from my not very decorated home !

Little vignettes from around my house--almost everyone has items from very dear blogging friends .
Here a beautifull card from  dear Dawn, The Feathered Nest-- the fairy in silver and glass, I made using one of her tutorials,- wonderfull trees from Karla--Karlas Cottage, the little angel with her tree, I got from my daughter last year, and the beautifull cone comes from Rosemary, Ozma of Odds.

(As I`m feeling sick today, I will not put links to my post-,)

Here a  collage recieved from Anni, Fabric Art-- my dear danish friend.
Also the ATC are gifts from her.

A darling bird from Rosemary, that I was so very lucky to winn .

Old pitchers-a pressed bowl- beautifull trees from Carla,and the wonderfull wood piece with roses,bought here.

See the old bird, -- the icons,-that are gifts from a very dear costumer, Mette, whom is also a sweet friend.

And this is a beauty--so love this Amaryllis in white.

isen`t it beautifull?

My Hyacinth in an old tarnished silver vase, and some cobber pieces.

I love it in front of the old mirror

Advent !

Bowl with glass balls- some new -some old!

The stars are old, and gorgeus.

My two beautifull red birds , in a real nest, with an old piece.
The birds I just got from another so sweet customer and friend,-also a Mette,
she gave me many other lovely gifts---you have to wait to see them!

The pink trees again, with a lovely old box, and another bird  box, I got from Tina-Tiny Bear-last year.

The last photo from today, is from Lisa, Tarnished and Tattered-- also a so sweet friend,
This was a swap, we did last christmas---I got this beautifull banner, That I so love-
the glass glitter has become real black and tarnished to look at.

All, here are treasures I so love looking at ,almost every day, because they are made with love from dear friends---many bought-others gifts.


But it does not finish here, I have so many other wonderfull things I use for christmas decorations--
from other very dear friends from blogland-
-(Julia- Nellie-Joanna- Viola-Marie-Liz-Diane-Michelle-Nancy- Deborah--all whom are so dear to me, too.

you will see them when hopefully I`m soon feeling better--

Loving hugs, to all, also everyone not mentioned here.....
Thanks for your friendship all--I love you.

Hugs, Dorthe


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh my goodness Dorthe it is ALL so gorgeous!!! Your house must look beautiful with everything displayed. I hope you get feeling better real soon. Sending you prayers and healing wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, dear friend.
Hugs, Diane

Hearts Turned said...

Your home looks warm and lovely...just like you, sweet Dorthe!

Thanks for sharing a peek into your beautiful world...hope you're having a wonderful day, my friend!


Robin said...

You have so many beautiful things displayed in your home Dorthe! Many from such wonderful blogging are truly blessed with their friendship. I do hope you feel better soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dorthe, these are so very beautiful, your house is a winter wonderland my friend, thanks for sharing your pictures
hugs June xxxx

Sue said...

Dorthe, your home looks festive and inviting! Beautiful! I have yet to get any decorations up inside - I'm so far behind this year!

Thank you dear Dorthe for your very kind words of support regarding what we are going through with Nicole.



Kris said...

Wow what beautiful nostalgic decor you have!!! I would love to see more.
So peacefully gorgeous.

Debra@CommonGround said...

It's all just beautiful, dear Dorthe, hope you're feeling better soon!

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear precious friend, I love all of your sweet treasures! Isn't it wonderful to have these creations from our dear friends?? I love looking around my home and thinking of each and every precious soul that has sent me a gift!!! Oh Dorthe, I hope you get to feeling better soon sweetie...sending you hugs and love, Dawn

Unknown said...

so sorry you are not feeling well mon amie. this post is beautiful. you are well-loved because you love so well! merci!

Createology said...

Dear Dorthe I am sorry you are not feeling well. Your vignettes are wonderful and show how many treasured friends you have. Please feel better very soon.

Jillayne said...

Oh Dorthe, it's all so lovely but I'm sorry you are unwell! I hope you get some rest and are on the mend soon.
I love your old stars too, and the little reindeer - they look so charming and sweet. Take care Dorthe and a big hug!

Sandy said...

Oh wow Dorthe so lovely decoration. The banner is my favorite. I will write this on my ToDo List.
Wonderful nordish christmas.

Have a lovely weekend my dear friend. Hugs.

Diane said...

Dear Dorthe, I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this. I KNEW that your Christmas home would be like this--warm and inviting!

Lovey said...

You are truly blessed sweet Dorthe! I love them all! U 2...smiles!

sharon said...

I want to be in this magical house of yours!! Everything is so beautiful, thank you for sharing it!

I do hope you feel better soon Dorthe, sending healing wishes.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I thank you for sharing all this inspiration with us. When I saw the bowl full of ornaments and stars I smiled I love that photo. Of course I love all the birds and in the white pitcher very pretty!

Beth Leintz said...

Your decorations are so sweet- little touches of Christmas here and there. I love the bowl of white and peachy pink ornaments- hope you're feeling better soon. Take care, sweet Dorthe.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi Sweetie, Your vignettes are beautiful! Isn't it just wonderful to have all the pretty gifts from blogfriends around? I enjoy that so very much too. Your pitchers are lovely and the white bowl with all the ornaments looks great! I also love your tarnished vase with the hyacinth.
Hopefully you feel much better soon!
Lots and lots of kys og knus to you :-),

Anonymous said...

Sweet gifts and vignettes all through the house. Adore the little pink trees. Feel better. xox Corrine

Lululiz said...

It is a wonderful thing to be able to surround yourself with such beautiful gifts from dear friends. Each and every piece is so precious, given with love and affection.

She Uses Her Words said...

Beautiful displays Dorothe! I hope you're feeling better soon. I just purchased your little children pincushion on Etsy but don't worry about sending it until you feel better.
Take care,
xo, Karen

mette laumann said...

Hej kære Dorthe hvor har du gjort det fint og i den helt rigtige julestemning. Jeg har forsøgt at lave en blog, jeg kalder den "Prikker" ;O) det er nok derfor jeg kan skrive til dig nu. Tak for dine søde ord , håber du hade et godt julemarked ;O) KUNZ Mette laumann

Rebecca said...

Oh, I am sorry that you aren't feeling well. I hope you get well fast, it is no fun to be under the weather this time of year.
Your house looks simply lovely, with all your beautiful decorations you got from so many friends.
You are so loved because you love others so kindly.
Many Blessings

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

I loved seeing all your precious gifts you have received from blogging friends... and yes, these friends are so lovely. The pink ornament in the dish are gorgeous.
Sorry to hear that you are sick, sending some get well wishes that you will feel better.


Carole said...

Dear friend hope you feel better soon and maybe being able to look around your home and feel the love that came from these lovely gifts will make your recovery come faster.

Shopgirl said...

i just had to stop by and give your blog a little peek, the word Lovely comes to mind. Merry Christmas, Mary

Rustique Gal said...

You are sweetly decorated with treasures from near and far! What lovelies! Have a great week, friend!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Dorthe,
love your vignettes - so beautiful
and special! Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care.
Hugs and love,

Alexandra said...

Dorthe meine Liebe, die Fotos und deine Deko sind fantastisch geworden. Und deine Amarillys blüht traumhaft schön.
Ich wünsche dir noch einen schönen Sonntag.
Hugs Alexandra

JoAnne said...

Hi Dorthe,
So sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Everything is absolutely gorgeous! What a treat to have a peek. Feel better.

My Vintage Studio said...

Dear Friend,
Hope you are feeling better soon.
Your home looks beautiful!

My Creative House said...

Nice to see these wonderful pictures from your Christmas decorated home my dear, så fint og enkelt og farverne er skønne og meget passende til dette hvide vintervejr, dejlig at vi får os sådan nogle gode sluddere selv om vi bor langt fra hinanden, vi tales ved senere.
Knus og kærlig hilsen Anni

Rein said...

Das sieht alles sehr gemütlich aus,
wunderschöne deko's und tolle Foto's!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

these are all so lovely Dorothe! what a treat to see all these gorgeous creations/ feels so Christmasy! Stay warm dear one! :)

Unknown said...

Dorthe- it is all beautiful. You have some great fiends out there! My favorite- oh wait- I love them all!!

Paula said...

Hello sweetheart Dorthe! What a lovely post! I enjoyed seeing all of your gorgeous vignettes and gifts from your dear friends! You have everything arranged beautifully and lovingly! The white Amaryllis is beautiful! I love it sitting in your windowsill with your other pretties! Oh, look at all that snow! Your Hyacinth is beautiful too! I love it in the tarnished vase and in front of the fabulous old mirror! Your advent wreath is lovely and so are all of your old and new ornaments! Love the pretty box sweet Tina made for you and the lovely pink trees! The banner is gorgeous!

I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well! I pray you will get well soon and have a beautiful and blessed Christmas! Take care sweet friend! Sending hugs! Thank you for your friendship! I love you, too! Paula

Unknown said...

What beautiful gifts from such thoughtful friends!
You so deserve every good thing, Dorthe!


Lisa said...

Look at all your wonderful blog friends wishing you well! We all love you Dorthe. Your home looks beautiful as I knew it would. Your amaryllis is lovely. I got a dud this year, bloomed & drooped. I hate that as they are my fave. Get better k? Lisa

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

How beautiful dear Dorthe, your home looks so warm and cozy with all the lovely vingettes! So very special to have such beautiful gifts around you all made with love from your dear friends!
Hoping you will feel better soon...sending healing thoughts your way.
Hugs & Love,
Carol Anne

Nita Jo said...

Your home looks so beautiful filled with your precious treasures! It adds special meaning when the treasures are from dear friends! I haven't been visiting blogs very much recently, but hope to get around and see all my favorites... yours is one of them. Here's an early wish for a very Merry Christmas!

Nita Jo

Nita Jo said...

As soon as I clicked to post my earlier comment, I realized I had not wished you well... I pray you will be feeling better soon... May blessings surround you!

Nita Jo

Lynn said...

Everything is sooooo beautiful Dorthe, how can you say your home is not decorated :)
I hope you feel well soon, it's not a nice time to be sick, take care of yourself sweet lady.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your decorations and vignettes are so beautiful, Dorthe...and so nice to have goodies from blogging friends!

Sandi said...

I do hope that you are feeling better Dorthe! Prayers going up for you.

I love all your pretty decorations and especially the ones from your bloggy friends. How sweet are they!!

Sandi said...

I do hope that you are feeling better Dorthe! Prayers going up for you.

I love all your pretty decorations and especially the ones from your bloggy friends. How sweet are they!!

Sandi said...

I do hope that you are feeling better Dorthe! Prayers going up for you.

I love all your pretty decorations and especially the ones from your bloggy friends. How sweet are they!!

carole brungar said...

I love your pink Christmas trees!! Very pretty!
Merry Christmas to you too Dorthe!
Hugs Carole

Shane Pollard said...

Dear Dorthe

It's my first time into your magical world!!! I've loved those pretty trees from the first time I spied them at Karla's!! I must get some for next Christmas..

Your house is full of Christmassy treasures and tells of your wonderful friendships.

Best wishes that you are feeling better very soon in time for Christmas celebrations.

Take care and
Christmas hugs
Shane in New Zealand

marie said...

Thank you for sharing all the lovely peeks of your beautiful home!
I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well ~ I'll be praying that you get well soon!

Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe - your photos of treasures and gifts are so very lovely. The photo of the vintage stars in the bowl is just gorgeous. Those stars are indeed a rare treasure.

I canot believe that you made such a beautiful post while you are sick. You need to listen to THIS nurse and take more time to rest dear friend!

We all love you so much and are sending wishes for feeling better soon!


Viola said...

Das sieht alles grossartig aus, Liebe! Ganz zauberhaft!

Anonymous said...

i think it's absolutely gorgeous!! looks quite decorated to me. ;)