Monday, February 8, 2010

Two wonderfull giveawayes from two special friends

Returning home from Copenhagen late night yesterday, I`m still tired.I had a wonderfull trip
staying with my grandchildren, and their parents, -and satturday I went with train to Jylland,
to watch wholesale dealers , showing their new goods for spring, and to buy some for my shop.
But in spite of the tiredness, I just have to show you two fantastic giveawayes .
The first is my very dear, and very new friend Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered ,-she is giwing away a wonderfull collection of different old and yummy things. Click her name to visit her, beautifull blog, you will love it, and all she creates.

I want to show you a little part of a banner Lisa made me ,in a swap, it is just so very beautifull,
hanging in one of my rooms, even christmas is over. Lisa is a beautifull friend, and wonderfull artist, that I so admirer, for whom she is ,and for what she creates,
I ordered a pair of her new created ballet slippers,--soooo darling sweet,
I will show them when they arrives.

And then the other special giveaway, that comes from Dawn from The Feathered Nest.
Dawn was one of the first bloggers I "dared talk " to, -she ,at once, was the most sweet, and
wonderfull person to me, helped me ,if asked,- and even gifted me with a beautifull box, that I wanted to buy from her shop, I still love it sweet, and looks at it every day. Dawn was the very first dear friend I got here in blogland
Clich her name to see some of the beautifull elements going to
be created, into one of her alwayes special and awsome ,nature art pieces.

Here is one of my buyes from Dawn, -the most darling little dress, also showing the elements from nature, that she loves to create with, and which makes all her art to something very special, and wonderfull things for me to own.

I love the art from both theese dear friends,and would be ever so happy to win ,
from one of them.
Anyway if I am not the lucky one ,I will wish everyone else good luck.
Tomorrow I will show you a very beautifull buy, and the most darling present
,that waited me from Germany, when returning home

Love and hugs, Dorthe


Lisa said...

Thanks so much for showing my giveaway & for saying all of those wonderful things about me. You know I think all of those same things about you. I never thought blogging would bring me such a talented friend from so far away. I hope one day we'll meet in person. And as for our dear Dawn, well I think she is simply THE best! Yes, she is kind to us all, and her art is so amazing. BTW, the little dress you have from her is my fav! Love & hugs, Lisa

Lululiz said...

I love both their blogs, they are such lovely people. I follow them both, and I saw their brilliant giveaways earlier, and entered them of course. It would be just wonderful to win.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hello Dorthe,
I really enjoy both of the blogging friends that you have mentioned. Such talented ladies.

I want you to know that I love my Angel. She is in my workroom where I can look at her everyday and feel inspired. You put so much love into creating her and she spreads it around all over.
Thank you so much.


Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe - Every time I see that beautiful baner in your pictures - I think it is so very beautiful. What a treasure to own. And that little dress that you bought from Dawn - well - I am especially lusting after that! I would love to be able to see your home. Just the little snippets that we see in your pictures look so very inviting. If you could see my sacred yarn room right now - you would run screaming!

Hugs from across the pond--