Monday, July 21, 2008

Hope you are having a wonderfull summer

Im back after having had my daughter,two grandchildren and son inlaw wisiting us for a week. It was so good being with them and especially the two children-one 8 years tomorrow, and the other 1,5 year old.Im missing them very much .

I started working again, and here you see a wood nymph, and a sea-angel af mine.

The nymph are one of two-see earlyer post-!
They are both for sale, in my shop, so please write me for more informations and pictures.

The wood nymphs are about 50 cm high, mounted on a Elderly branch, and are called Elderly mama.

And last for today my beautifull view from my back garden:sun going down over the Baltic Sea


Mo'a said...

Hello I just came across your blog...I am a doll artist and loved seeing your dolls.
My Son lives in Denmark, he is married to a Danish lady and they have one son.

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, they are wonderful and I LOVE the Virgin piece below!