tirsdag den 5. august 2008

Beautifull gifts crossin the osean

Today my dear freind Dawn from The Feathered Nest posted, my little gift to her---a Sea angel, on her blog .This little angel I wanted to send her, because she is such a loving and sweet person, with a sweet heart.

Some time ago I saw the most beautifull little box on Dawn`s ETSY site. I wrote to tell her how much I loved it, and before I knew ,it was in my mailbox, and in my hand. I.s`nt it just wonderfull. And is`nt it a warm and loving jesture sending me her beautifull art piece just like that. Its now on my green table in the sitting-room, where I feel warm, and blessed every time looking at it. Thank you Dawn

2 kommentarer:

The Feathered Nest sagde ...

Dorthe, the pink box looks just beautiful on your green table!!! How wonderful it is that we have met one another ~ had it not been for our blogs we never would have! hugs to you dear friend ~ xxoo, Dawn

Mo'a sagde ...

It is wonderful to see friendship developing through a blog...there are so many wonderful people out there that we would not have met any other way.