mandag den 20. oktober 2008

One af the beauties for sale for christmas

This 45 cm. high angel wearing a red and black dress
is one of the beauties for sale very soon, I hope
you like her.

Et lille kik på en af mine engle til salg på juleskibet
i Køge. Hun er 45 cm høj og iført rødt og sort dress.
er hun ikke fin? Hun koster 385,00 dkr.

Here the weather now has realy turned into autum,
-windy, cold but also very beautifull with lots of
collors, and lots of beautifull clouds in the sky, i like
it alot, then its time for indors cosiness.
Have a happy tuesday all. Dorthe

2 kommentarer:

The Feathered Nest sagde ...

Oh Dorthe, she's just beautiful!! I love your doll's faces, they always look so very kind and was cool here last night and frost was all around! hugs to you, xxoo, Dawn

Rein sagde ...

She is wonderful!